Logic and Contemporary Rhetoric

Logic and Contemporary Rhetoric

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Read Chapter 8 about the MARGIN-NOTE & SUMMARY METHOD OF STUDYING {page194} “Logic and Contemporary Rhetoric – The use of reason in everyday life” by Nancy Cavender and Howard Kahane, 12th edition for help. MAY WRITE ON ANY TOPIC. Some students write on a topic that has to do with their work, like police, fire, or nursing, etc.


On the top of page one, should have the following information, and WORD COUNT is important:

  1. URL for where you found the ARTICLE that you are using for this assignment.


  • See Chapter 8, the Margin-Note and Summary Method which will tell you about the AUTHORS’ THESIS and the TEN OR MORE REASONS FOR ACCEPTING THE AUTHORS’ THESIS
  1. SUMMARY: 500 WORDS OR MORE like a book report in your own words, WORD COUNT IS IMPORTANT, and tell what the article is about with NO QUOTE. THIS WILL BE ON PAGE 2
  1. YOUR PERSONAL EVALUATION on the third and fourth page in your own words with NO QUOTES Your EVALUATION should be about two pages {1,000 WORDS or more and should have many “I” statements SUCH AS “I BELIEVE THAT,” “I FEEL THAT,” “I DISAGREE WITH THE AUTHOR.” “I AGREE WITH THE AUTHOR,” etc.}. This should be in your own words, and WORD COUNT IS IMPORTANT. NO QUOTES.—-


  • Name, date, and ste where you found it, and then post below that the THESIS, 10 REASONS FOR on the FIRST page, place SUMMARY on the SECOND page, and PERSONAL EVALUATION on the THIRD and FOURTH page.
  • Examples of the THESIS, REASONS FOR, AND EVALUATION ON PAGE 190 IN TEXT BOOK. “Logic and Contemporary Rhetoric – The use of reason in everyday life” by Nancy Cavender and Howard Kahane, 12th edition.
  • You will have a page where you have the AUTHOR’S THESIS {what the author’s main point of the article.} & 10 REASONS FOR OR MORE.

Read in Chapter 8, Page 190, the section on the MARGIN-NOTE-SUMMARY METHOD.

  • Do not use what the book says about the SUMMARY.


All the resources must from http://coastline.edu/library (please email me for more info for this part)

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