Fashion on the run: An open innovation perspective

Fashion on the run: An open innovation perspective

Paper details

Scholarly white paper outline: (check the format in example essay upload)

  1. State and explain the challenge faced by the target reader. (Include hard data and perhaps a brief case example. Use footnote citations)
  2. Provide literature review relevant to challenge (e.g supporting theoretical framework and empirical findings to examine the issue.)
  3. Provide Scholarly Argument based on relevant theoretical and empirical literature to reduce non-obvious potential course of action to address the challenge( e.g 3 recommendation)
  4. Discuss benefits of proposed recommendations to the reader.
  5. Call to action- What you would like the reader to do next (further readings, contact you, etc) in line with your career objective

Scholarly White Paper topic: Fashion on the run: An open innovation perspective

Objective: Create a fashion app

Target reader: Ordinary females, especially young women

Here is the challenge that faced my the target reader:

Women seem lost themselves in a fake fashion world that create by mass media. A lot of women actually don’t like what they do everyday, however, except continuing doing that, they seem have no choice. Things are like their every morning routine: making-up over an hour, putting all kinds of chemical products over their face to make them look “beautiful” and “fashion”. After that, having only an apple as breakfast and a plate of salad spread over by a little bit cheese as lunch to lose weight. Every half of the year, checking with cosmetics surgery hospitals to make sure their faces are still stay in perfect face shapes. A lot of them got into trouble because of their unhealthy life style, which they learn from “celebrity effect” and shaped by “fake beauty” through the influence of media power.

So basically what I mean here is women’s attitude and current action toward fashion are all forced by mass media, especially by social networks. They want to look like someone else when they look at the picture or advertisement that been post on Instagram or Facebook.


How the topic related to goals for my entrepreneurial development :

It definitely related to my goals of entrepreneurial development. The fashion app that I’m going to create is that for females only post their nature looking, without doing too much make up, and plastic surgery, or losing weight by not eating. I would create different segment in my app, like body fitting, eating healthy, skin care, clothing matching, knowledge sharing (by reading books/articles) and so on to help women build a right fashion attitude as well as build confidence for showing their nature beauty.



Problem statement remains the same – perhaps add lack of time and mobile lifestyle as well as too much influence from celebrities.


However, applying the open innovation perspective (do lit review using relevant papers by Chesbrough and others) – explains that good ideas for fashion can come from anywhere – so one ‘option’ (if you want to keep options theory as well) is to use mobile open innovation where users of your app can upload fashion tips in diet, exercise, cosemtics, life style, etc – that each user of your app can benefit from. – Thus you are ‘crowd-sourcing’ knowledge on fashion – not just from a few celebs.


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