Interventions that promote weight loss in post-partum women

Interventions that promote weight loss in post-partum women custom essay

Interventions that promote weight loss in post-partum women

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Rough Draft Synthesis of four provided sources regarding the interventions used to avert weight retention in post-partum women

Research Methods Term Paper Instructions

Interventions that promote weight loss in post-partum women

Worth 200 points total

The purpose of this assignment is to assess your ability to synthesize several research reports, weigh their strengths and weaknesses, and make a conclusion about how strong the scientific evidence is for your topic given the data presented in those reports.

It will consist of 3 components: 1) a topic selection and preliminary reference list (25 points), 2) a first draft of your paper (25 points), and 3) a final draft of your paper (150 points).


Instructions for each component are as follows:


  1. Topic Selection and Preliminary Reference List (25 points, due November 5th at end of day).


This should be turned in through blackboard, with your topic explicitly specified at the top, and a list of your references in APA format.


Topic selection:You will need to pick a topic in the area of kinesiology or exercise science that is feasible to study, and onefor whicha body of literature (at least a handful of research reports) already exists.  The topic should be stated as a specific, definitive sentence that, after your examination of some current literature on the about that assertion, you can judgeas either well supported, or not well supported. It should be narrow enough to make the body of literature digestible, but not so narrow that you will not be able to find any literature on that topic. In addition, the statement should have a clear independent variable and dependent variable, and a hypothesis about the relationship between the two. For example:


Too Broad: Drinking water (IV) before working out improves performance (DV).


Just right: Adequate hydration before running (IV)improves endurance (DV) in trained endurance runners.


Too narrow: Drinking water 30 minutes before running (IV) improves endurance (DV) in male, college-aged, trained endurance runners.


Preliminary Reference List: Use the following databases to conduct your search: SportDiscus, Pubmed, Web of Science, or SCOPUS. From this search, you should choose 3-5 original research reports (NOT literature reviews) for your reference list. Keep in mind it is fine to refine your topic as you conduct your literature search, depending on the literature you find. The papers you select should be the highest quality studies you can find that apply to your topic statement, for example, experimental trials, or large descriptive cohort studies. If these are not available, you may select case studies or qualitative studies.

  1. First Draft (25 points, due in class November 24th):

The first draft of your term paper must be printed and brought to class the day it is due, and uploaded to blackboard before class.

It should be complete and done as if it is your final draft, and you will receive feedback on it from your peers during class on the due date. The draft is expected to contain the following elements:

  1. Your topic and any pertinent background information such as any theory that supports the studies being discussed, or definitions and terms that are not common knowledge explained.(1 page)
  2. A concise summary of each study in your reference list (the research question examined, the experimental design, major findings, strengths and limitations, and conclusions). (2-3 pages)
  3. Your own discussion of how strong the evidence is for your topic sentence. This should include consideration of any threats to internal and external validity in the studies you reviewed, and if those considerations make it more or less likely that your topic statement is true. (2-3 pages)
  4. A letter grade of the strength of the evidence for your statement(1 concluding paragraph), assigned by you according to these criteria:
  5. A The evidence for your topic statement is very strong, as indicated by more than one carefully controlled, randomized experiment suggesting your topic statement is true, and at least one observational/descriptive study suggesting your topic statement is true even in a real-world setting.
  6. B The evidence for your topic statement is suggestive, as indicated by at least two descriptive or randomized experimental studies supporting your topic statement, but the results from other studies may be conflicting or in a sample that is not representative of your population of interest.

iii.            C The evidence for your topic statement is weak. Of the studies that have been done, none of them support your topic, or only maybe one with a weaker design(observational, qualitative, or small descriptive study) supports your topic statement.

  1. Final Draft (150 points, due December 1st at end of day)

Your final draft should contain all elements listed in the first draft above, with significant improvements from your first draft. It should have a cover page including your topic, and a paragraph noting the changes you have made since your first draft based on your peer’s feedback. Each element will be worth a certain number of points as follows:

  • Cover page (5 points)
  • Topic and pertinent background information (25 points)
  • Summary of each study (25 points)
  • Discussion of strength of evidence from the studies you’ve reviewed (75 points)
  • Final letter grade (20 points)


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