Descriptive Statistics -Central Tendency and Variability (Healthcare/Public Health)

Descriptive Statistics -Central Tendency and Variability (Healthcare/Public Health) custom essay

Descriptive Statistics -Central Tendency and Variability (Healthcare/Public Health)
Briefly discuss the concept of mode, mean, median. What is it? How is it calculated? When would we use each one?

Following are the resting pulses of subjects, reported in beats per minute. Calculate the mean resting pulse, rounded to the nearest beat. Be sure to show your work.

60 53 58 48 56 50 62 51 52

A hospital kept track of the birth weights of babies measured in grams. The results are shown below.

2824 2973 3015 3025 3041 3102 3189

Find the median birth weight in grams. Provide an interpretation of your results.

Last year, ten former employees of a company passed away. Their ages at death are listed below.

79 75 72 55 66 80 77 79 68 70

Find the Mode. Provide an interpretation of your results.

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