Visual Text Analysis

Unit 2- Visual Text Analysis

In order to compose an analysis, to write analytically, students must first learn to look closely and critically at something (the rhetoric of verbal or visual text) and in this unit, a visual text, to identify its component parts and determine how they relate to one another and what can be learned about the subject through analysis. Analysis is a practical skill used in everyday life as well as in the classroom. Visual Texts can be found all around us, everywhere we go, and some are considered to be much more powerful then verbal texts. Visual texts must be powerful because the majority of the time they do not have any written texts to go along with them, and they are created to capture their viewer’s attention immediately and usually are presenting an argument of some sort. You will soon find at the end of this semester that just about everything is an argument.


Presented on page 141 in your assigned text is a list of characteristic features that should be included in an analysis:

–              A question that prompts you to take a closer look

–              Some description of the subject you are analyzing

–              Evidence drawn from close examination of the subject

–              Insight gained from your analysis

–              Clear, precise language

For your second essay, you have been provided with your choice from four different visual texts.  After you have chosen the text that you find the most interesting, or maybe have the most to write about begin to work on an outline of what you think the text is arguing or representing and then try and prewrite to see if you can really write 3 pages about this visual text. You will need to provide your outline in the final upload for the essay.


When drafting this essay, make sure to frame a question that will drive your analysis; your question needs to be answered however your question should have no single factual or correct answer, but instead requires you to find and present a good deal of information within your essay.


During the drafting process, the classwill focus mostly individually on organization and explore concepts relating to structure, development, editing, revision, and MLA format.


Your Purpose:Your purpose is to complete an analysis for one of four visual texts presented online of your choosing. You need to include all five of the characteristic features in your visual text analysis and discuss whether or not the visual text you have chosen is presenting an argument.


Your Audience: Your actual audience for this essay is your instructor; for your ideal audience, think of your reader as someone who needs very clear and precise language; you are presenting an analysis of something that your audience may not understand and so your job is to clearly explain what is going on in the visual text.


Format:  Your essay should be no less than 3 pages, word processed and in MLA format.   You may use first person, but you should avoid second person pronoun (the use of “you”).


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The Final copy of this essay will be due in the Visual Text Analysis dropbox on D2Lon October 11th2015. You will have a chance to revise your essay and gain additional points after it has been graded.


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