Internet And Music industry detailed analysis

Internet And Music

            Entry of the internet showed no relations to the music industry (Dansby, 2000). However, in the recent past that has been changing and their relation is difficult to separate. The article is trying to dissect the relationship with the view of understanding the controversy surrounding it. Debate is going round regarding the recent surge in the usage of internet to acquire music. According to the author of the article, varying perceptions exist as to usage of internet to acquire music. While some people advocate the usage including musicians others are of the view that it is the infringement of copyright laws. The author uses these bases to build on the case that is making both internet site owners and record labels sweat. To solidify the views the author does provide some scenarios that are already in the court corridors awaiting justice. Hence, this writing is very important at analyzing the situation.

Though most of the ideas that the author presents are controversial, there is a bid to provide evidence to this claims as much as possible. This serves the purpose of eradicating the view that the ideas present in the article are not of any significance. One of the main ideas is that applications like Nester used for pear to pear file sharing do not infringe the copyright laws. In order to support this idea, there is evidence indicating that in most cases those who share files through this process end up buying music. On the other hand, to support those opposed to the usage of internet, unauthorized usage of music is the reason accorded to the idea. Furthermore, the article is using utterances from both judges on the issue. In addition to that sentiments from some musicians are part of the article making it valid.

Examining the ideas present in the article there are some that seem of the utmost importance. Topping the list on this is the issue presented in court against Nester. The company is using useful statistics to defend itself. It is an idea that brings out a whole newer dimension to the issue of sharing. If the courts stop the work of Nester then sharing of files will become very difficult to the advantage of record labels (Harmon, 2000). In addition, most upcoming artists will lack avenues to market themselves given the fact that most labels are consolidated making it very difficult to get a contract. Looking at the fact that some musicians are turning to the internet to market themselves, indications are that file sharing is beneficial to them.

Summing up all the fact it is evident that file sharing is not harmful. Accordingly, the courts should allow the usage of internet to acquire music provided that those sites are not selling the files for profit. This is because gagging internet file sharing could be catastrophic to the music industry (Harmon, 2000). Furthermore, according to statistics from the article, sales of music did not go down as most record labels are insinuating but rather going up (Dansby, 2000). Hence, the internet is adding values to the music industry as opposed to the view of some that the opposite is true. However, on a personal view it is important to regulate the industry so as to prevent loss of revenue or piracy through the internet. That is, sites should only allow the sharing of files rather than selling them except when owners grant them permission.



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