Internet And E-Commerce relationship

Internet And E-Commerce

E-Commerce refers to carrying out all your marketing and sales of services or products through the internet. This is generally what is known as doing your business online or E-Business. E-business refers to integrating systems, organizations, processes, value, chain as well as the entire market using technologies and concept that are internet is without any doubt that there has been a considerable impact by the internet when it comes to how various organizations are buying and selling their goods and services all over the world (Sepehri, (2011).This is mostly seen in the raw materials and services that are required for direct use by manufacturers.

The use of internet bases electronic trading as well as exchanging of data has brought a revolution in the way businesses are conducting their activities. E-commerce has also led to the breakdown of global barriers like time, culture, space and logistics. However it is worth noting that the internet is not totally open. There are some laws which are made and various governments ensure that these laws are obeyed within the cyberspace. This is quite evident in the case where France made Yahoo to stop the sale of Nazi tickets where they could be visible by the French people. The truth of the matter is that different Nations and people might want an internet that is different. They want an internet whose language, norms and content are in conformity with their own.

With the internet there has been an introduction of a new level of global economic competition through the provision of efficiencies by reducing the number of suppliers as well as scraping off the costs of administration. This is successfully done through the value chain. Most of the firms are using e-business in order to help them build and establish new relationships between other businesses and their customers. There are various advantages that are provided by internet and the E-business in general (Deresky, 2011).

First the E-business is a convenient way of conducting business throughout the world. This is because it facilitates communication across the many borders that existence has contributed immensely to the creation of a global market and the shift toward globalization. The internet also makes room for an electronic meeting as well as a trading place that has made conducting business sales quite efficient. This has also led to the creation of a corporate intranet service, the merging of internet alongside other external information for businesses that are found all over the world. There is also the power that is given to consumers of accessing price differentials as well as limitless options. With the internet there is the creation of a link and efficiency when it comes to distribution.

However there are some challenges that might be encountered when trying to establish a successful e-commerce business. These include internal obstacles and politics, a difficulty in regional coordination as well as striking a balance between local e-commerce where there are existing cultural differences. When a business wants to make such a big change they have to make sure that there is commitment from the top most leadership of the organization. There also has to be the willingness of employees to experiment e-business. The barriers to adopting and the success of e-business all over the world include the lack of reediness when it comes to partnering with suppliers in the value chain. If a business wants the e-commerce to be a success that they should be ready to invest in their trading partners as well as their customer capabilities. Another very big barrier is cultural differences. The execution of e-commerce has been hindered by a list of cultural and regulatory obstacles. These are such as language barriers, tax systems as well as currency other regions; the barriers to e-commerce business include some existing differences in physical, information and payment infrastructure systems (Deresky, 2011).Despite the many challenges in establishing e-commerce businesses the internet is still increasingly being used in facilitation and improvement of global competitiveness.


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