Internet Freedom information analysis

Internet Freedom

Internet freedom is an important aspect that authorities ought to respect. Currently, the internet is the fastest mode of communication and is enhancing globalization. Censorship of internet content will have negative effects on the revenues collected from the usage of internet. Though internet is not the safest place for children, it is not a solution to censor information on such grounds. Most of the nations of the world endorse the freedom of speech and freedom of expression provisions. Hence, it would be unconstitutional in many countries to censor the content in the internet. This will only create a window for powerful governments to victimize the citizens by denying them their right of speech. United States should be in the fore front supporting the internet and opposing countries that are trying to block information from this resource. Unfortunately, it seems that the United States government wants to join the league of those opposed to the internet.

One of the reasons given towards the view of blocking the internet is that of pornography. Hence, the government wants to reduce it to contents that they consider suitable for children. This is unacceptable and the government ought to seek other avenues of preventing access of pornographic materials to children. The judiciary seems to be of the same opinion given the recent court cases whereby the courts have been preventing moves by the authorities to censor the contents and the recent refusal to the reviewing COPA is a good example. Given that the internet is currently part and parcel of the citizens of this country its censorship will not reflect the wants of the very same individuals the move should benefit.

In line with these views, American Civil Liberties Union has been fighting endless fights. It is a clear indication that it is not right to censor internet information. It is a known fact that countries like China have been using their stringent rules on internet usage to victimize the very same population it claims to defend. Schools are notorious with the filtering of LGBT sites and the union is strongly opposed to their actions. There are many LGBT sites that contain relevant materials for use in schools. Hence, the move by the school authorities to censor them is infringement of student’s right to access educational information. Instead of focusing most of its energy towards destroying the internet it should channel that towards research on how to filter under ages from accessing pornographic sites.

In the view of the above statements, it is not appropriate to block information present in the internet. Schools on the other hand ought to allow the use of LGTB sites that allow students to share information and acquire more knowledge. The government should change its policies and move away from trying to censor contents in the internet and move towards the having a technology that filters underage internet user. That is, allowing only people who are of the recommended age to access sites rated to contain sexual content. Hence, on a personal point of view the United States of America is a liberal nation and individuals have the freedom of speech as well as freedom of expression and censorship of internet information will compromise the bill of rights in the constitution of this country.





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