how cell phones have aided us in communicating by basically giving us more direct contact.






How cell phones have aided us in communicating by
basically giving us more direct contact

technology has changed the manner at which people think associate and
communicate with others. With no doubt the extensive spread of mobile
technology has enabled communication easier to each other. However, 1980s,
getting in touch with a person far apart was mainly through the use of  calling on their house phones, work
telephones, or visit physically in their premises. During these days there was
a difficulty in emergency or urgent communication as there was no such thing
like pagers or mobile phones and the indeed there was no short messages or
emails. Since these kinds of communication did not exist, the only option that
could be used was to send letters in mailboxes that could take even weeks to
reach the destination.

the main civilized communication started drastically in 1990s. It was the
period of flip-phones from Nokia, Motorola, Blackberry, and others, which made
it easier to reach each anyone easily. Since these new interventions of
cellphones, the landlines that required queuing in public to make a call or
book service have been replaced by mobile phones. Then the progress has
benefited or promoted communication through phone calls, text messages,
Facebook, Snapchat, and Skype. Hence, 
the cell phone gives direct and more comfortable direct contact with
family, friends, and places of work.

even if the cell phone has brought people together and aided to save the time
of physical visits, it can be argued that face-to-face communication has been
affected. The emotional touch of physical attachment has been affected by the
technology of cell phones and psychologically affects a person. Clearly, in the
modern world, working without a cell phone is difficult as it helps to
communicate in case of assistance in solving problems or giving instruction
when a person is far. Therefore, the cell phone has made communication easier
than before, but people should consider being so much entangled or carried out
by the smartphone even in cases that require face to face communication

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