IT Strategic Plan;You will develop IT Strategic Plan for Logistics & Distribution Company. Two or more cited references, APA formatting rules and correctly cite and reference your sources with APA format.

II: It Strategic Plan

IT strategies

IT Strategy
(Spring 2019)
Strategic Objective,
then Explanation of Alignment of the IT Strategy to Business Strategic
(state the words “Internal” or “Business Enabling”)
projects coordinating and streamlining
the business objectives timely
resources alignment
present business strategies and additional project added to the portfolio

current projects
accurate financials which will help save resources

IT strategies
of staff which give additional support hours to meet the business strategies
on time

2. IT portfolio roadmap

There are 3 implemented projects in
KYLOD and a single proposed project. Table below tend to identify the timeline
for every project and the way financial reporting system upgrade has to be

Projects by Functional Area Qtr. 1 Qtr. 2 Qtr. 3 Qtr. 4 Qtr. 5 Qtr. 6
Logistical Tracking System
Financial Reporting System
Reporting System

3. Proposed project

The project is about upgrading the
logistical tracking system that tends to cover the route optimization and
freight system. Improving the percentage of the loaded miles and tracking
freight are the objectives. The upgrade will improve the functionality to the
strategy of the business in servicing the warehouses. For creation and
identification of the required standards, a specification document is required
functional and performance requirement. According to KYLOD Case Study (2018)
For this system, the KYLOD will have to utilize the plan, design, test, build
launch convention, formal deployment method and SLDC.

4. Risk management

identified risks will be dealt with;

Not finishing the project within
allocated time; this will tend to affect other projects and use the resources
of other projects. It can be avoided through the regular reports which are
given to seniors, and they will identify the deviations in an early stage.

Changing the organizational methods by
leaders; when they are changed, they will affect the deliverables of the
project. These changes can be avoided through communication with the parties
involved in the project and the provision of roadmap and budgets.

Changes in the modern business
environment; these are the likes of new competition. It can be dealt with
through regularly communicating and board being responsible for mitigation

Underestimating the project involves the
other projects which will be affected. This can be solved through understanding
the budget and the time which the project is expected to consume.

5. Business continuity

the development of a continuity plan, some basic steps have to be taken:

Identifying the main system and the
input is from the board of management (Levy, 2017). The recovery system, in
this case, strategies are made upon the board input. Planning for development
where the continuity team for the business is done. Identifying the framework
is done and developing of procedure done and how the business will be mitigated
is done.

The KYLOD business continuity plan tends
to cover three main systems and the way they impact the ongoing operations.

The accounting and the finance system
the mission essential system will have to be functional in the process of
transition. The two financial systems existing and the new will need to be
backed up. The old system remains operational until the new system is fully

Route optimization and freight tracking
system: the previous systems will tend to remain functional until the new
system picks up (Business Continuity Plan, 2018). This is made more comfortable
with the keeping of backups so that they are monitored.

Fleet maintenance
system: presently, there are no newly proposed p

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