Freaxxx by Brokencyde (worse than Justin Bieber!?)

(This article was written while listening to the song which is why it’s in present tense.)

When it comes down to music now-a-days you have 4 types of fans: one, the guys who love mainstream music and all it’s gloary, two, hipsters nuff said, three, people who listen to old stuff from 15 to less years ago and say the 60s, 70s, 80,s or 90s were better and that all music now-a-days is completely ruined, and, four, people like me who just listen to music and like the stuff we like and hate the things we hate. If you go onto youtube and search up ANY song from the 90s or further back you will easily find the third type saying things like, “man all music now-a-days is jb and lil wayne and nicki minaj crap!”, or, “you say x i say y 92% of teens like all this rap crap while 8% ROCK WOO HOO”, okay, what, where on earth did you guys pull your statistics from, out of your butts? If you have any understanding of music you can see how flawed that statement is, rap and rock are two totally different music types, comparing them is like comparing ice cream and strawberries they can both be good or bad depending on how you handle them and can even work well together in some cases, as for the music themselves rap is more lyric based it runs off of how smooth the words flow with the background beat, unless you’re lil wayne, and how good your rhymes are, unless you’re wiz khalifa, while rock is more music based, sometimes, focusing more on guitar and drum beats rather then lyrics. Also I’m pretty sure that even if you’re a die hard JB fan you’ve at least heard one rock song. And as for the Justin Bieber thing, well who cares about him, he is not killing music and yes he is bad but he is mearly a natural by-product of the music industry, we had one in the 70s, Donny Osmand, the 90s, Aaron Carter, two in the early 00s, Jonas Brother and Naked Brothers band, we even have a spiritual successor who may take JBs place when he’s gone, Cody Simpson. But anyways, over all JB does not deserve all the hate he’s gotten, yeah he’s arrogant, yeah he’s perverted, and yeah he’s a bad artist but he is nowhere NEAR not even 945,871 miles close to how bad the guys I found are. The hipsters may have been right about saying that sometimes the underground and indie stuff can be good sometimes, but sometimes it’s not. Anyways enough jibber jabber lets get into the song, “Freaxx by brokencyde”, ugh. First thing first, do not listen to ANY song by brokencyde, these guys are just… well calling them anything would be an insult to what I’m comparing them too, if I called them fecal matter I’d be insulting fecal matter, I’d call them worthless but then I’d be insulting worthless people, and if I called them scum then I’d be insulting scum, but anyways what about the song is bad? Well first it starts out with a terribly un-catchy techno beat and then we move onto… a guy metal screaming… uh sure why not? Yeah, a metal scream in a techno song I could see 10 ways that couldn’t work, anyways then we move onto a scene guy, “rapping”, about the club, partying, and sex, WOW that’s SO original, all in less than 30 seconds with some guy metal screaming in the background, as for the music video… well all it is, is them dancing with girls around them and acting really creepy towards the girls, again SO original. As for they’re singing well guess what, they use auto-tune and as if that’s not bad enough they somehow auto-tuned themselves off key to a point where the main singers voice sounds like a malfunctioning robot. Whatever, after 1 minute we move onto the metal scream guy, “rapping”, about… well I don’t know because I could barely understand what the heck he was saying, but I think it was something about having sex with a gyspy girl. After that we move onto the main guy saying, “lets get f**king freaky now”, in a psychotically ear bleeding way that will make you want to stick a screwdriver in your ear with background metal screams for good meassure for way too long, and then during the next couple of, “lets get f**king freaky now”, lines we hear metal guy scream now where than we move onto something even more ear bleedinglery bad. We cut to guys metal screaming “liar” at girls which is oddly remmaniscent of System of a Down’s song, “vicinity of obscenity”, but lets keep good songs out of this crap song. This moment comes flying out of nowhere and doesn’t really seem to fit into the song, not that ANYTHING fits into this song mind you. After that the tone of the lyrics changes in a rather jarring manner that, again, does not fit into the song at all, it goes from a party song that you can’t party to, to a.. break up song or cheating song or whatever, but at least the metal screaming stopped screaming, but not for long. After that the main robotic sounding guy,”singing”, about how his, “baby”, doesn’t want him while metal guy metal screams, “go baby”, in the background. After this we get a fake ending where it seems like the song will end, but no it just moves onto them metal screaming in a way that sounds like they’re puking and then repeting, “lets get F**king freaky now”, with metal screams in the background, then it finally ends. Oh my dear sweet god how are these guys not getting more hate than JB!? In case you don’t want to read all of THAT here’s why the song sucks: they auto-tuned themselves off key, they sang a cliche song that switches tone quickly but than quickley switches back, and becuase they’re using screamo in a techno song! Overall I think this gets a strong -1/5

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