Week 7 Assignment: Agile Leadership

Week 7 Assignment:  Agile Leadership

Using appropriate material from the Annotated Bibliography assignment, create an annotated outline for your Signature Assignment, an organization of the ideas that you have gathered so far. The outline will follow directly from the material in your annotated bibliography and will serve as the structure for your paper. Thus, it needs to be well organized and logical. Together with your professor you will revise the outline as necessary for better structure or to include necessary but missing points in the argument or supportive research. Your literature review may be organized differently, as it will relate to the particular problem you are studying and its important points and aspects. You will need to note at least three references for each subtopic you list.

Length: Outline 3-5 pages not including title page.

Composing an Annotated Outline

Writing in education must be clear, well organized, and follow a logical progression of thought. Preparing an outline before you write is an excellent way to organize your thoughts. In this activity, you will become one step nearer to producing a finished writing product by composing an annotated outline.


Your Signature Assignment represents the culmination of the education writing skills that you’ve learned in this course, expressed in a literature review of a topic that is related to your dissertation interest. In the literature review, you will include an introduction that is a logical argument for the importance of the topic you plan to investigate. You will also include a summary that synthesizes the research and points to gaps in the literature and to directions that further research might take.

After completing the readings and assignments in this section you should be able to do the following:

Learning Outcomes: 3, 4, 5, 6

  1. Incorporate proper APA form and style.
  2. Synthesize material in research articles.
  3. Develop documents related to the early stages of the dissertation.
  4. Conduct a Literature Review.

Number of pages             3


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