Develop a hypothetical case study for the principal diagnosis

Developing a hypothetical case study

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Develop a hypothetical case study for the principal diagnosis you selected in Unit 3 as the focus of your final paper. Review your course project information for additional information regarding the context of this assignment in the overall project.

Your client should be a child, an adolescent, or an adult who is different from you on at least two of the following dimensions. Remember that you will need to address these factors when you discuss the impact of sociocultural background on the client’s presenting symptoms, as well as how the differences between you and the client impact the assessment and diagnosis process.

Race or ethnicity.

Country of origin.

Social-economic background.


Sexual orientation.

Ability or disability.


For this assignment, complete the following:

Write a case presentation that is a maximum of 2–3 pages and includes the items listed below. Assume that your client came to see you, brought along a family member, and you have done an intake assessment. Use the information gained to write the following case synopsis:

A description of the client and client’s demographics.

A description of relevant history (family, developmental, and social).

A list of presenting symptoms, issues, and reasons for seeking counseling.

A description of how the client’s relationships are impacted by the challenges this client is facing. Mention at least two significant relationships (for example, parent-child, sibling, or spouse).

Your preliminary diagnosis. This should include DSM-5 code for the diagnosis you discussed in the Unit 3 assignment, and the V and Z codes that apply to concerns about the client’s relationships.

Discuss sociocultural factors that influence the diagnostic process.

Evaluate the influence of the client’s sociocultural background, personal history, current environment, and family or relationship systems on the ways in which he or she is experiencing and presenting symptoms and issues.

Evaluate the influence that your own sociocultural background and personal history may have on the assessment and diagnostic process with this client.

Evaluate the limitations of using current diagnostic systems, such as the DSM-5, in a multicultural society.

Describe the impact that potential diagnostic labels may have on this client.

Describe how the process of diagnosis or labeling the client might impact the relationship you form with the client as well as the therapeutic process.

Review the ethical codes for a professional counseling association (for example, ACA, AAMFT, or NAADAC) for ethical issues that might arise during the assessment and diagnostic process, and apply them to this client. Use the links in the Resources to access these ethical codes.

Refer to the DSM-5, and other course texts and articles to support your work. Your paper should be 5–7 pages, with a minimum of four references, formatted in APA sixth edition style. Review the Developing a Case Study Scoring Guide to ensure you have met the grading criteria for this assignment.


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