Shawshank Redemption custom essay

Shawshank Redemption custom essay

Shawshank Redemption

Paper details

Introductory Paragraph

The introductory paragraph is fully developed (100+ words), coherent and smoothly leads to a concise and focused thesis.

The thesis is the last sentence of this paragraph. The introductory remarks or the thesis contains the title of the film (placed in italics).

The thesis is concise and presents a clear focus on the essay s topic, what you believe to be the film maker’s message – the Lesson Learned – you have taken away from the classic film you have selected and viewed.

It will be a three-part thesis which covers the following areas for support of this focus: Characterization, Setting and Theme/Lesson Learned.

Four Body Paragraphs

Although you are addressing three areas/items for consideration, the body of your essay will contain four body paragraphs

The first body paragraph provides a brief overview of the decade in which the film was made and the influence on the film of that decade.

The three remaining body paragraphs are unified, coherent and appropriately structured paragraphs containing restricted topic sentences, primary and secondary supports.

The secondary supports are specific examples and details from the film as well as research from outside sources.

The essay is a combination of your ideas and smoothly integrated/correctly cited research from the secondary research sources.

Your instructor will determine whether you will use APA or MLA formatting for this assignment.

These paragraphs are 200 – 250 words each.

Concluding paragraph

Shawshank Redemption

This paragraph is appropriately structured and makes a recommendation of this film to the audience.

It also brings closure to the essay (50+ words).

APA or MLA format

A complete heading is placed in the upper left hand corner, and the title of the essay is centered.

The essay is double-spaced and each paragraph is indented.

The smoothly integrated research is from a minimum of 3 sources.

The sources you cite have appropriate in-text, APA or MLA parenthetical in-text documentation for all direct quotes, summary and paraphrase.

The Works Cited section is correctly formatted using APA or MLA, citing only the sources used within the essay.


The essay contains correct sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, spelling and word choice.

Use third person objective point of view. Avoid first person “I” and/or third person “we”/”us”/”our”.

Do not use “you”. Refer to this Library Guide: Get The “You” Outta Here” for help with this.

Check out this Grammar Guide from our SPC Library Research Section. You may find it helpful!

Turnitin Submission Shawshank Redemption

For full credit, a complete first draft, including correctly cited research and a Works Cited, submitted by the due date to Turnitin with an acceptable % match.

If you chose not to accept and use Turnitin, an Annotated Bibliography of your sources must be submitted along with the essay.

Total Possible Points = 100

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