proposal and technical report from tesla to Volkswagen

proposal and technical report from tesla to Volkswagen to help them lower their emissions

specific instructions

This project will be a collaborative group assignment that will make up the last four grades in this class.

The steps will include:

Project Proposal

The Technical Report

Individual Group Grade Assessment

Oral Presentation Final Exam

In groups of approximately three students, you are tasked with being employees of a fictional national or multinational business of your choosing. Your team has been tasked with undertaking a project that will require massive research that will have to be first be “pitched” (the proposal), written up (the report) and final reported to the board members (oral presentation). The subjects you can make this report can be either a recommendation report, feasibility report, or evaluation report and should fall under one of the following:

Environmental Costs – (Climate Change, Carbon Emissions, Waste Byproducts, Fraking, energy needs, renewable energies, recycling, sustainability, deforestation, etc.)

Economic Costs – (Which product should your company buy? What Vendor should you choose? Should you outsource/layoff? Development and use of a technology, E-commerce, etc.)

Evaluation – (New policies/rules/practices, security/cybersecurity, company changes, multi-cultural/multinational issues, business competitors, liabilities, etc.)

Expansion — (New Roads, Transit, building new offices/plants, establishing overseas, marketing, etc.)

Once your group has agreed upon a business and a topic/task to undertake, you will then write up a 10 – 15 single spaced page report to give the company your findings including charts/graphs/statistics et al. This report will be well researched and cite multiple sources in APA format. Then you must make a multimedia (PowerPoint et al.) presentation to give the board your findings.

First step is the Proposal

The proposal is a one page memorandum in which you inform the executives of your company about the project that your team is undertaking and why. This should be a brief but detailed rundown of your project and its goals. This should also be a chance to give exigence to your project and explain why it is important. See the rules and guidelines detailing both memos and proposals in your textbooks.

The main component is the Technical Report

The majority of your grade is based on this long length report must be done in APA format and contain several major components and sections:

  1. Cover Page
  2. Abstract/Summary
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Introduction Chapter
  5. Middle Sections with their own headings and table of content entries
  6. Conclusions
  7. References (APA Version of Works Cited)

Your report must be heavily detailed and informative. It should be easy to read and understood by a wide, diverse audience. Graphics, charts and illustrations are an important part of highlighting the important numeric data and making it easier to digest.

Chapter 8 Highlights the major Dos and Don’ts of Tech Reports, as does this handy guide from OWL @ Purdue:


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