Scientific Method: Renes Descartes VS Francis Bacon

Scientific Method: Renes Descartes VS Francis Bacon Custom Essay

Write a five to six page paper on one of the questions below. Make extensive use of relevant class material, and ensure that you produce an ARGUMENTATIVE paper (not a paper that merely surveys the views of others or the bare historical facts).


Francis Bacon and René Descartes have very different ideas regarding the methodology of science. Bacon defends a kind of radical empiricism based on piecemeal induction, Descartes defends a form of rationalism that tells us we can only trust our senses when they are supported by premises that are known with absolute certainty. Which do you think is the more sound methodology for science? Why?


– Use good academic sources – May help to use Bacon’s “Nova Organum” and Descartes’ “Discourse on Method”


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