HESC/GERO 450: ASSIGNMENTS Visitation or Wellness Dimension

Visitation or Wellness Dimension Paper Custom Essay

The following are instructions for both undergraduate and graduate papers. Please take the time to review the appropriate instructions and complete. All papers are to be submitted in .doc or .docx file format. Incorrect formats will result in loss of points.



Health Promotion Visitation Paper (20% of grade)

Visit ONE facility offering community health promotion programs for older adults. Examples include senior centers, outpatient hospital wellness programs, community centers. In-patient facilities, killed nursing, assisted living, hospice, etc. are not appropriate for this visitation.

Health classes include such things as nutrition, exercise, medication management, fall ?prevention, diabetes management, brain fitness.

Part of the assignment is locating health classes for older adults within the community; therefore, the visit should not be at a place you are working or interning.

Be sure to contact the facility by phone/email to set-up an appointment and get approval to visit the class/program


Paper Format:

There is no page requirement for your paper- just make sure to answer questions in detail. FYI, detail is more than three or four sentences per question answered (where appropriate). Answers that lack sufficient descriptions will result in lower scores. 12 pt. font, double-spaced and .doc or .docx files are required. Please clearly note each section of the required content or use a heading. There are samples posted on Titanium under the resources folder.


Place the following information on the FIRST PAGE of your paper

YOUR NAME and Course title: HESC/GERO 450

Name of Health Promotion Class you visited and type of class

Name of person leading the class during your visit

Address of facility, telephone # & email of facility

Content Information:

Complete the following questions in detail:

Describe the purpose of the class.

Describe the objectives of the class.

Describe the major health components covered in the program/class.

Describe activities and information covered in the class.

Does the health promotion class have patient/participant outcome measures? If yes, what does it involve? If no, why do you think that is?

Does the class/program provide participant evaluations? Why or why not?

What is the cost of the class? Is the cost appropriate? Why or why not?

What are the credentials of the program director or class instructor?

Would you recommend this class for older adults? Why or Why not?

Other thoughts/comments.


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