Public health communication tracking assignment

Public health communication tracking assignment


The purpose of this assignment is to help you become more aware of and familiar with public health communications of various organizations.  In doing this, you will assess the potential impact of such communications on the organization’s aims to improve the health of the community they serve.


            For this assignment you will monitor and assess the communications of the following four organizations over four weeks: 1)Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH), 2)Baltimore City Health Department  3) the health department for the Maryland jurisdiction you have selected for you SHIP vision area; and (4) an organization of your own choosing. You will monitor the communication initiatives on the organizations’ websites and on their social media, as well as the resulting news coverage and social media conversations.

You will monitor the three Maryland organizations (DHMH, BCHD, and your selected SHIP vision Maryland local health department) for four weeks of the course (beginning Saturday November 1st and ending Saturday, November 29th).  For the fourth organization of your own choosing it is up to you if you would like to select one organization to monitor over the entire four week or if you prefer to assess different organizations for each week. Please include a brief description of your 4th organization and its mission.Each week you will monitor and report on the communications of each of the four organizations.


  1. A brief summary of each of the organization’s communications over the as outlined in the reporting table below. You should ONLY report on communications released/posted during the assigned week – do not include past social media postings or website content that has not been updated. Your report must be updated weekly (the same submissions from a prior week will not meet assignment expectations).
  1. Answers to each of the reflection questions. Answers must be updated each week and address each part of question and be written in full sentences with proper grammar and syntax.

To reap the full benefit of this assignment, it is important that you monitor communications on a daily basis.  Do not leave the assignment for the last day.

The assignment requires more than just a “reporting” of the communications, as noted in the  reflection questions students are expected to assess the effectiveness of the messages and include a rationale for their answers.


Tip:  You may want to set up a google alert to help monitor communications from your selected health organizations.   Go to:


Assignment Expectations/Grading

The weekly communications reports will be graded on a scale of meets expectations.  In order to meet expectations a student must fully complete and submit assignments each of the four weeks in accordance with all assignment instructions.  Specific requirements include:

  • Monitor communications in each of the four agencies on a daily basis for the entire week.
  • Complete a unique report for each week (a report that repeats answers from prior weeks will not meet expectations – if there have been no communications changes/updates students must explain why they think this might be the case and comment on potential implications of the lack of communications.)
  • Compare and contrast the communications among the four organizations.
  • Provide thoughtful observations and rationale as to the potential effectiveness of each organization’s communications on the public’s health.
  • Note any changes in each of the organization’s communications over time (in weeks 2-4) and explain why/why not changes may have occurred.
  • Provide responses in complete sentences using proper grammar and syntax.


Weekly Communications Tracking Report


Name:  __________________________________


Week # __4________    covering time period


Tip:  you can reformat the table as necessary or you can submit the information in narrative format rather than in a table.

Table 1:  Weekly Communications Report – Provide a brief summary of each of the organization’s communications as outlined in the table below.  You should ONLY report on communications released/posted during the assigned week – If there are NO NEW communications in any of the categories can report no change in the table, but in the reflection questions you must include a rationale as to why you think there have been no changes and the potential implications of this on the public health of the community.

Q1.  Please provide the name and brief description of the mission of your 4th organization (of your choice):  ___________________________________________________________

 Table 1:


Weekly Communications





Website postings, blogs, etc.  











Social media (facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.)  











Other (press releases, reports, national news mentions, etc.)  















Reflection Questions:


1)Provide an assessment/interpretation of why you think your selected organizations communicated the way they did over the week (in terms of content and communication approaches). Were the communications targeted to specific populations? Do you think the communications were effective? Why or why not?  (Your response must address the communications of each of the 4 organizations)


2)Compare/contrast each of the organization’s’ communications.  Was the messaging from DHMH, BCHD and your selected Maryland local health department consistent and in similar formats (e.g., blog, social media, press release, etc.) explain why or why not.  Were your “other” organization’s communications similar or different than the government agency communications?  Be sure to comment on each of the four organizations and explain each of your answers.

3)Respond to the following questions in weeks  2,3 and 4:

Assess any changes in communication from the prior weeks of this assignment.  Did any of the four organizations change their messaging (approaches or content) over time?  Why or why not? Do you think this was appropriate?   Comment on all four of your selected organizations (if you switched your “other” organization during this week of the assignment then only comment on the three government agencies in your response to this question and also answer question 4 below).

4) If you selected different organizations for your “other” organization over the four-week period please briefly compare/contrast the communications among the different organizations you selected and explain why they might be similar or different.


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