Case Study in Tata Steel Europe

HR Strategy – Case Study in Tata Steel Europe

This post-module assignment is designed to allow you to demonstrate your learning from the topics covered on the module and from your further reading. The task below invites you to use Tata Steel Europe, the case study organisation used in the group activity on the final day of the module. This will illustrate your understanding and application of the theories, frameworks and tools covered in the module. You are also expected to research the organisation using any information about the organisation from the public domain. Company literature, web sources, newspaper articles, journals and other publications are all useful sources.

You should complete your assignment in no more than 3,500 words. Show the word count in your assignment and note that any work over 3,500 words may be disregarded. (WMG guidelines on word count can be seen on the intranet)

Make sure you align your answer with the following brief:

1)            For Tata Steel Europe, create an HR Strategy that is integrated with the business strategy.

In 1,500 words, ensure that you:

  1. a) Discuss the organisation’s competitive business strategy, with reference to appropriate business strategy model/s and outline the resulting HR issues and challenges. (approx. 500 words)
  2. b) Analyse and apply the theory on Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM models and characteristics as appropriate) and draw on evidence from the case study organisation and the strategic framework to create an HR strategy (approx. 700 words)
  3. c) Explain how the main features of this HR strategy will enable their competitive business strategy and address the main HR issues and challenges (approx. 300 words)

Please ensure that you include as appendix (a) your updated and enhanced Strategic Framework for the above named organisation so that the module tutor can refer to it when marking. This will need to be contained in two A4 pages.

2)            Choose one of the following areas of HR policy and practice and briefly justify and state your choice:

  1. a) Talent Management: Consider the continued and future management of ‘Talent’ within Tata Steel Europe during and after the planned redundancies and plant closures in the UK.
  2. b) Psychological Contract and Employee Engagement: During the unsettling period of change to the structure of the business, examine the importance of employee engagement and the psychological contract to Tata Steel Europe in the UK.
  3. c) Leadership: Tata Steel Europe is owned by Tata Group, a global enterprise headquartered in India. Consider the challenges and opportunities on ‘leadership’ at all levels within Tata Steel Europe, based in the UK.

In 2,000 words, using one of the questions above, please:

  1. a) Explain and justify why it is important for Tata Steel Europe to address this, making appropriate links back to the previous discussion on HR strategy (approx. 500 words).
  2. b) Say what the organisation Tata Steel Europe should do applying current theory and practice to back up and fully justify the points you make (approx. 1,500 words).


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