Prototyping in technology


A prototype has various definitions, and
one of the definitions is; a basic working sample mock-up or a model or a
simulation of a real product which is being developed as discussed by Software
Engineering | Prototyping Model – GeeksforGeeks. (2019).From the prototype, the
developer is in a position to deliver other forms of the products which are
more superior to the prototype itself. The process of making a prototype is
known as prototyping the process which develops a work replicate of a system or
a product which i0s being engineered. The prototype tends to offer a little
duplicate of the final product, which is necessary for obtaining the feedback
of the customers. The prototype is developed sent to the customers for them to
review and give their feedback the feedback is then used by the developers to
perfect the end product.

has several advantages in technology which include the following

According to Nelson (2019), it helps in
realizing the design concept of a product. Prototyping helps the designer to
understand the concept they have passed their virtual imagining. It helps the
designer to see the actual design and feel it and eliminates assumptions. The
designer is in a position to go on with the project and implement it and
perfect it before they can finalize. Also, it gives the clients a clear picture
of what they expect from a project which they might be funding.

Prototyping helps to incorporate the
changes which are recommended immediately. When the physical model has been
drafted, it is straightforward to make changes to it. The changes which are
made are from the feedback of the people who were given the prototype to
review. The prototypes have to be given to the intended customers for them to
review and give their feedback. The feedback is what the designer makes an
adjustment the process has to be repeated until the customers are satisfied.

Prototypes help in saving time and cost
the project consumes, as stated by (2019).When using additive
manufacturing the time and cost which are needed to develop various parts such
as the pattern special tools and mounds can be reduced.

Prototyping helps in designs
customization. This is another crucial benefit of a prototype process as it
helps in producing the products which are customized the way the customers gave
their feedback ( 2019). There is no unique process
which is used to make changes in the end product, but a minor change in the CAD
process but the whole process will remain the same. The manufacturers have an
advantage in this as it gives a connected experience for the clients with the
products they intend to purchase.

Prototyping helps in
minimization of design flaws as discussed by (2019). The
additive manufacturing tends to give

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