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The duty of management
of Information Technology requires very vital for every organization. The
central role and obligation that I will play in the organization are to ensure
that there is a continuous flow of activities without any hitch. By these, I
mean that tasks such as arranging, executing, and even sorting out of all the
IT segments in the Magnum Enterprise. The IT operations will be implemented in
a way that client satisfaction will be enhanced while creating a platform
whereby there will be a concurrent improvement of existing applications while
also ensuring that any arrangements will be improved to be suitable for the
company and the clients.

Leadership and guidance
are vital in any department; therefore, I will ensure that my six workers will
be guided and backed; when conducting any operations in the IT department. This
will ensure that the goals and objectives are met. I will also ensure that my
department will work in tandem with other departments. This will help my
department to be able to integrate the decisions made in the different
departments; this will ensure that my department will be able to discover new
solutions (Geisler et al., 2015). More so, there will be new ideas and thoughts
that will enable setting up of competent and cheaper ways of providing
solutions to arising problems in all the departments of the Magnum enterprise.

One of the duties that
I will carry out as a manager is to ensure there is proper integration of the
hardware and software and ensuring they are in line with the requirements and
standards set by the company. The world is always changing in that there are
new changes day in day out. Due to this, there is a need to ensure there is
redesigning the business processes in the Magnum Company to ensure that the
company can efficiently respond to the changes without developing significant

To ensure there are
software, hardware, and business integration, we will employ the IT acquisition
process. The first step in this process will be to plan, identify, and justify
all the Information Technology based systems. This process is essential as it
will help the IT department to ensure that they evaluate the possibility of
investing in a particular application.

This step entails
qualified consultants followed by a second step, which involves the creation of
some information technology architectures. These architectures include

i. The data that will
ensure that business goals and vision are attained

ii.    The application modules, whose function is
to manage and deliver information and data

iii.   The hardware and software on which the
applications will be installed and made to run in.

iv.    The security, reliability, and scalability
of the applications v.    The procedures
and resources that will be used in the implementation of the projects.

The third step entails
the selection of an acquisition option. This acquisition option involves how
one can choose one or more vendors.

The fourth step
involves the integration and deployment of the IT application. The application
which is in the selected hardware is made to run.

The fifth step involves
all the operations, the maintenance, and also updating the application. This
step is as well costly as the installation process since it consumes money and
requires much effort. The operation and maintenance of the application can be
outsourced or as well done within the Information Technology department.

The whole process is
essential since it proves the integrity of the application as well as its
performance. The integrity and performance of the information networks are also
checked and evaluated. Technology changes every day; hence, it is the duty of
the IT manager to make sure that the systems and applications in use are up to
date and are suitable for use in the company. The IT manager, therefore, should
always be updated and be able to ensure new technologies are implemented so
that they are in line with the goals and vision of the company. The IT manager
should always evaluate to be able to know the computer hardware and software
that are essential for use in the company. By doing this, he will eliminate the
possibility of purchasing hardware’s and software’s that are not useful (Hassan
et al., 2018). Performance characteristics of each hardware are also evaluated
before it is acquired. Some of the performance characteristics to be assessed
include cost, availability, reliability, compatibility, and even the

The IT manager should
also ensure he lays out a process management methodology that will allow for
the updating process to be effective. This should also be done using the
correct tools. More so, integrating software will help the IT department to be
able to know which events rely on each other such that they will be able to
understand what happens if a change is done unexpectedly. Integration of the
software will also help manage any instabilities which can occur in any task
this ensures efficient planning in a way that all the tasks are completed
within the stipulated time.

Software’s enhance the
automation of a wide variety of business processes; hence, software change is
essential in any enterprise IT organizations. Change in the software effect
changes in business activities; therefore, software change requires to be very
careful since it is entangled with a business process change.

As the head of the IT
department, I have some challenges that may occur to my staff. Some of the
challenges that I may face as well as my staff is internal threats, phishing,
visualization, and web-based threats. Some other challenges that may occur are
discussed below.


Many organizations
choose to manage their applications and data in-house whereby they manage
everything by themselves; this is because they fail to make cloud plans. Cloud
technology has very benefits though it involves some risks that may face it.
Companies should, therefore, be very keen before deciding to use cloud services.


Companies may be forced
to bow to the pressure to use new technology just because it is new. The main
challenge is to be able to determine which technology will be more suitable for
use or which is not. The experience of IT managers who understand the
priorities of their organization can employ new technology tools such as big
data, virtualization, cloud, and mobility. The Information Technology value for
any new technology will, in turn, create an impact on the strategic goals of the


Customers and other
users need to have an efficient way in which they can be able to receive and
send data on all user platforms efficiently. Therefore the company should
ensure they meet the demands of the products that they use every day.

Data Analytics

In the coming years,
data is expected to grow by over 800%. The leading challenge company’s face is
the unstructured data. Some examples of unstructured data include data, plain
text, blog, and non-standard image. The rate of growth of unstructured data is
relatively high than that of structured data.

and BYOA

Over the years, IT has
been controlling devices which are used by the clients or the users. Currently,
tablets and smartphones users can control their devices in their work-related
tasks and also personal tasks. Therefore the organization should be aware that
controlling user-owned devices is now almost impossible.

of the roles as an IT manager are listed below

i.    As an IT manager, I will ensure that there
are proper ways in which security and privacy of the company will be enhanced.
This will help the company to be secure against any risks that may harm or
attack their data.

ii.    Ensure there is an effective way of
managing and organizing data within the company.

iii.    Apply cloud computing into the Magnum
Company IT strategy. This will ensure that applications and information are
efficiently integrated into the IT strategy by the use of cloud computing.

iv.    Enhance mobile commerce. This will entail the
use of secure integrated systems and also ensure there is social media security
within the Magnum enterprise.


1.    Why
is it important to take into account the views of operations, marketing,
finance, and legal when working on strengthening e-business capabilities? Be
specific – no vague generalities, please.

Electronic business
(e-business) is the situation whereby a company employs the use of the internet
to ensure that it can be able to channel its employees, customers, suppliers,
and many other stakeholders in a business.

The intricacy involved
in the process of planning and eventually executing some online business
channels, some companies may opt to outsource development and facilitation of
the system to be able to utilize services such as cloud computing.

Though outsourcing may
have some merits, it may also pose some danger to the company due to the

•    The may be a sluggish response which is
caused by slow resolutions.

•    Lower benefits and results that the ones

•    Loss of control over some business

Electronic business is
always changing; therefore, companies should be very cautious since
circumstances can change and alter the necessity of a technology which the
company had implemented. There are many problems that a business may experience
by the integration of e-commerce in its structure. Electronic business has not
been applied in business for an extended period as operations have; this makes
a huge difference (Teece et al., 2016). The main objective or aim of
integrating E-business in the structure of the business is to streamline many
processes within the business or the company. Some of the processes that are
achieved through e-business include verification of credit cards, supply and
purchasing, and also customer relationship management.

Having a reliable
e-commerce application that can serve for a long time is very difficult; this
is mainly because the company can be able to make decisions based on the
current requirements but not on the future needs. Many organizations end up
suffering from budget overruns due to the change in requirements and also
excessive customization. 

2.    Based on what you have learned in your
readings, what are vital technical challenges you will encounter in re-engineering
the e-business function at Magnum?

 Some of the challenges that my team may
encounter in the process of re-engineering e-business functions are;

The coordination of
e-business frameworks and other frameworks within the enterprise is a

programming and web analytics also have posed as a challenge.  This is because the company has to know the
number of guests that have visited their website, the times they have visited
the site and most importantly, the IP address to determine the location of
their computer. Web analytics and discernment programming are mainly done so
that the IT managers can be able to track the web activities by the guests.

Conducting e-business
internationally is also a challenge. If customers are in another country rather
than the United States, they may face some difficulties when purchasing a
commodity from the businesses in the United States that use e-business. The
main challenge is to determine if the site will be able to offer shipping
services to their location.

Quick Response and
accuracy is a challenge, as well. The e-commerce software and the databases
need to have a rapid response. The web software must handle all the critical
services such that it must offer the searching tool, comparing products,
balance checking, delivery time, processing payments, and even the promotions.
The web software should be very secure so that it can determine the genuineness
of the credit cards and other payment methods.

can these challenges be addressed

 The best way is to make sure that every
challenge is evaluated and the best solution developed to solve the challenge.
E-business encounters fraud cases in most cases, therefore, there is a dire
need that any customer who uses a credit card to make purchases should go
through a thorough examination process to prove he is indeed the owner of the
credit card.

The management of the
institution or rather, the enterprise will be a significant boost in how things
are done within the enterprise. Workers need to be very careful when carrying
out their duties within the company since this will help solve some of the
challenges the company may face. Teamwork is also encouraged since by working
together, there are better ideas that come up, making it easy to solve the

 To ensure there is a system is well connected,
by this I mean that the critical links between the front-office solutions and
back office processes are considered. This will discourage the occurrence of
the silo effect. There needs architecture to be developed for large IT projects
to be consistent and compatible. This will ensure that the information systems
designed to work together do so efficiently.

3.    What are the key management challenges you
will face?

Listed below are some
of the challenges. This challenges will occur within the corporate projects.

i.    Scope changes

This phenomenon occurs
when the project scope goes beyond the project objective. Project managers
will, therefore, be needed to evaluate the changes demanded by the supervisors and
the clients and make a decision on whether to implement the changes or neglect

ii.    Undefined goals

Failure to define goals
will also lead to the inability to meet them. The top management requires to
see some set targets to support the project. The project manager, therefore,
should ensure there are well-defined goals for each project to be carried out.

iii.    Inadequate
Skills for the Project:

Members in the project
may fail to have the required skills to actualize the project. Project management
training should therefore be enforced to ensure the workers are always skilled.
The project manager should also be keen in considering whether to outsource or
to increase the number of his staff.

iv.    Lack of Accountability

Lack of accountability may
lead the project to come to an ultimate halt. This is because some members may
fail to be accountable and finger-point and blame other members leading to
failure of the project.

v.    Improper Risk Management

As a project manager
one should be ready to have some risk tolerance since some projects may fail to
turn out as expected. Therefore the manager should be able to make plans and
make ways in which he will be able to deal with any risk throughout a
particular project.


vi.    Ambiguous Contingency Plans:

Project managers should
know which direction to take if there is any dilemma in executing the project.
Failure to set up efficient contingency plans will lead to the total collapse
of the project. The project manager should have the ability to set up a task
force that will be able to identify and solve any hitches when executing the

vii.    Poor Communication

Project managers are
the ones responsible for directing other staff and make them know what is
expected of them. Therefore, everyone involved in the project should know that
he has a vital role to play in the actualization of the project. The project
manager, therefore, should ensure there is efficient utilization of the
channels of communication to ensure all members are focused towards the project
goals. The manager should ensure that there is project management training by
making sure they emphasize oral and written skills (Loufrani-Fedida et al.,
2015) More so, communication within the members should be enhanced because it
will boost the morale of the members since they will have clearly understood
expectations. The project managers should ensure that they can ensure there is
a smooth flow of communication and feedback to connect all departments and units
who are tasked with carrying out the project.

viii.    Impossible Deadlines

A good project manager
should not set impossible deadlines for his members because this will only
result in poor morale and discouragement of the members. The members cannot be pressured
to achieve or complete a project within actual time.

ix.    Resource Deprivation

Project managers should
allocate sufficient resources to ensure that the project runs to its completion
without any disruption. Project managers should ensure that they assign and
collectively allocate resources to make sure that the project comes to an end.
Human power, time, and money should be well managed and not misused to make
sure that the goals of the project are achieved.

x.    Lack of Stakeholder Engagement

The project manager
should ensure that all the members involved in the project are interested in
it. This is to ensure that some of the members will not undermine the project.
The project manager, therefore, is to make communications to all the members if
any issue arises and hence keeps all the problems ironed out to ensure that
every member does not feel left out and he is free to express himself. Every
member needs to be involved in the project thoroughly to ensure that the
project achieves its goals and objectives within the stipulated amount of time.



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