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Philosophy – Essay Example These are unanswered questions, though various religions offer guidance in this respect. People have made predictions in the past about the end of time also; â€ŔAnnie Stanton predicted that a 14.4 mile long asteroid will collide with the earth. Jesus will arrive and a 1000 year period of peace will start.†(Robinson, 2007). No one can tell whether time is a property of the universe or vice versa. Despite the enormous confusion about time, I believe it did always exist and it is immortal, yet the parameters to measure time were different before the formation of universe and will change after the universe will come to an end on the Doom’s day. Man is born with an intrinsic urge to realize the sequence of the worldly matters, and this is what shaped the time for man in the world. Man derives the system of time from the regularity in the routine of nature. Everyday, the sun rises at a certain time and sets at a certain time. It keeps happening so until summers convert into winters to squeeze the time shorter. After the winter season, day starts to elongate. But the changes observed in the solar length of a day over one year keep repeating in the same fashion every year. This caused man to associate his daily activities with the shifts of day and night. Our circadian rhythms are designed and governed by the sunrise and sunset. The routinely motion of Earth around the sun h as the power to harmonize the man’s internal chemistry. The origin of the modern system of time, which everybody follows today, is associated with the birth of Christ. But scientific research on the now-extinct species of animals like dinosaurs suggests that the world had been there trillions of years ago, though such statements are only estimations and have little to do with reality. Everyday a new theory emerges that sidelines the previous one. Various religions teach about the existence of time even after the end of

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