Equity and Trusts- Non charitable Un-incorporated assosiations Essay

Equity and Trusts- Non charitable Un-incorporated assosiations – Essay Example st have a cestui que trust and should be for the benefit of individuals; (2) it must have a definite object, and (3) the court can enforce it favour of someone.1 To be valid, a non-charitable trust must have an ascertainable beneficiary in whose favour performance of the trust may be decreed. Consequently, purposes trusts or objects are invalid because a purpose or object cannot seek enforcement, but trusts for charitable purposes are valid because they are enforceable by the Attorney-General. 2 The statutory list of charitable purposes in found in Section 2 of the Charities Act 2006 which provides as follows: Not being included as one of the charitable purposes, the maintenance of the three elderly widows and a worthy cause as a purpose cannot be considered as charitable. As a consequence, gifts (consisting of donations from well-wishers and the  £10,000 raised from dinner guests) to the association, a non-charitable unincorporated association, are subject to (a) the rule against remoteness of vesting, which requires that the interests of the beneficiaries must vest within the perpetuity period; (b) the rule that, for there to be a valid trust, there must be a beneficiary or cestui que trust in whose favour performance of the trust may be decreed or the beneficiary principle; and (c) the general principle of trust law that the objects of the trust must be sufficiently certain.3 Hence, such rule does not apply to funds raised from members’ subscriptions because as discussed below it is contractual. In the case of the  £10,000 raised from dinner guests, the foregoing rules have been met because the object is sufficiently certain and vested upon a designated beneficiary (the three elderly widows) within a perpetuity period. Nevertheless, the law has recognised non-charitable purpose trusts. Thus, it was stated that such trusts which are of a somewhat anomalous kind include “trusts for the benefit of unincorporated associations†.4 Thus, in Leahy v

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