Personal Goal Statement stressing goals to pursuing graduate studies

Personal Goal Statement stressing goals to pursuing graduate studies and how the mba will help attain career and personal goals

Please write a personal goal statement for business school at American International College. I recently graduated college in May 2015 with a BS in psychology , I found a job outside my field in the field of business as a commercial loan specialist I currently enjoy my position and like working in the field of financial services. I would like to obtain my MBA to gain modern day knowledge in all around business aspects and gain a competitive edge to advance my career in commercial banking into an upper level management position. I know my bachelors degree in psychology will help me with a a career in management because i have gained valuable insight into the science of how to communicate effectively with co-workers and peers and am able to lead with a collaborative style yet am able to take initiative if the opportunity arises. I graduated from worcester State University with a 3.2 GPA Bachelors of science in Psychology and a Minor in Business Administration. I have all of my work experience in my resume ( please don’t use YMCA work experience). I have over 4 years of mid level management experience along with 4 years of customer interaction experience with the ability to think creatively outside the box to finding solutions to business and work related issues and concerns.

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