Ethical and legal issues concerning at-will employment

Ethical and legal issues concerning at-will employment

  1. a title page


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  1. an abstract


Your paper should include an abstract. Here is a resource link which will assist you in creating your paper’s abstract:

Purdue OWL (2014). Abstract. Retrieved from


  1. five to seven edited pages, double spaced with parenthetical references (Use APA formatting),


  1. and a list of your sources (a works cited page or a bibliography) formatted using APA formatting. At least seven references are required for this paper. Please use at least one Internet source and one hardcopy source (a book or journal article, for example) in your paper.


References need to be scholarly as opposed to dotcom websites. Wikipedia is not a scholarly source. Try Google Scholar or the Park Virtual Library.


NOTE: The abstract and the bibliography DO NOT count towards your page count.

To view the paper’s grading rubric, click on the blue link below and scroll down the page until you see this section: Grading Rubric for the Paper


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