Media Analysis: Laglag Bala Scam

Media Analysis: Laglag Bala Scam

Your final paper brings together your interests, your reflection on the subject matter outlined in the course and your theoretical apparatus developed during the term. You are required to write a 3-6 page double-spaced final paper on a topic of your choice stemming from the course material. You are required to use at least 5 academic in-text references on your topic and include a reference list.You can use non academic references but they should be on top of the minimum non-academic references required.

Essentially a final essay will have developed the following parts:

             Introduction:

After the title of your paper which should be smart, reflective of the research and fairly short, your introduction is the next in line to grab your reader’s attention.

Make sure your introduction is strong. Revise your claim. Ask interesting research questions that focus on “how” and “why” rather than “what” or yes/no questions. Make sure you explicitly or implicitly answer the “so what” question as far as your paper. Why would your instructor read your piece?

If the motivation for your paper is personal, this is the time to find a way to say it. If the context of your research is specific, this is a good time to account for it.

Be yourself. Develop your voice, your tone and your writing style.

Refine your topic. Make sure you do not set yourself for too much. Make sure you can answer the questions raised here till the end of the paper.

Be bold. Set yourself for a great paper.

             Literature Review:

Find several key sources on your topic via research. Group them into logical categories. Be specific about your citations and the key ideas they cover. Make sure you distinguish your interpretation from their arguments.


Be organized. Stay focused on your topic and question.


             Analysis


The literature review is not your analysis. In this part, demonstrate your argument. Depending on how you defined your research object, you may end up looking more closely at a set of media products or you may have a more theoretical articulation of concepts you think are related to or answer your research question.


An analysis for a 3-6 page paper usually has several sections. Make sure your transitions from one to the next are clear. As long as you explain your links you are likely to succeed in conducting a competent analysis of your subject-matter.


Be original. Demonstrate to your reader that you have carefully considered various implications of your arguments.

             Conclusions

Lots of papers end up abruptly, not leaving the reader the opportunity to “exit” the presentation of your argument. Write a quick recap of the key ideas without reiterating all the arguments. Refer only to those you wish your reader to retain and remember later.

If there is room for a final point, then make it. If not, open up the argument.

Be succinct. Your conclusions are the finale, not a prelude to another paper.


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