International Marketing Strategy malta case study

International Marketing Strategy malta case study

International Marketing Strategy

Task 1 – 25 Marks

Critically assess the cultural diversity of Malta in terms of being:

  1. a) A suitable place to establish a new English language school (13 marks)
  2. b) A suitable place for students from around the world to base their English language

studies (both short-term, 2 – 3 weeks and long-term, up to12 months) (12 marks)

Task 2 – 25 Marks

  1. a) Critically assess how a new English language school establishing itself in Malta

might market itself in order to compete with forty other English language schools.

(8 marks)

  1. b) Develop a draft International marketing plan for the first 12 months of the

new English language school, using an academically accepted marketing

planning structure/format. (17 marks)

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International Marketing Strategy © NCC Education Limited 2015

Task 3 – 25 marks

The need for practical market intelligence is extremely important to the private

investors in the new English language school in Malta. Develop a market research

plan, outlining your research objectives, considered sample, and selected

methodologies, etc., and outlining the anticipated market intelligence you expect to

be able to establish including information and a discussion on the proposed market

entry strategy. You should also critically assess the limitations of the different

aspects of this plan. It is important that, in answering this task, you offer full

justification and reasoning for each and every point you make.

Task 4 – 25 Marks

  1. a) Critically assess the factors that influence the buying behaviours of potential

consumers (using an appropriate model), as the new English language school

targets potential students from around the world. The initial target markets for the

new college are Italy, Turkey, Russia, Libya and Tunisia. (10 marks)

  1. b) What specific areas of segmentation and pricing might be of strategic importance

to the owners of the new school, in terms of the highly competitive Maltese English

Language studies market-place? (15 marks)

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International Marketing Strategy © NCC Education Limited 2015


Complete all the tasks in order. Consult with your tutor if you are uncertain about any

aspect of the assignment.

Submission requirements

 A single word-processed document containing all reports and other documentation

i.e. explanations, output reports and page images of graphic tools etc. pertaining to all


 The word count is 3000 words, not including the appendices.

 The document should be properly structured with a bibliography (online and literature

sources) and appendices (where necessary). Refer to the Assignment Presentation

Requirements on Campus for more information (see front cover).

 Produce clear and specific reasoning to justify answers.

 An electronic copy of the document must be submitted to NCC Education by email

using this address:

 Work containing viruses, or work that cannot be run directly, will result in a fail grade

being awarded for this assessment.

Candidate checklist

Please use the following checklist to ensure that your

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