Human Behavior in the Social Environment I

Human Behavior in the Social Environment I – Fall 2015 – MSWPF-GS 2006- 006 (5351)



LENGTH:                              9-11 pages (not to exceed 11 pgs), excludes Reference & Cover Pages

FORMAT:                             –     Papers must be typed and double-spaced, using current APA style for                                                                                  formatting, citations and references, and include a cover page.                                                                                           –     Must be written in Microsoft Word

– All papers should be carefully proofread for spelling and grammar use, with special attention paid to clarity of exposition – Use of the Writing Center is encouraged for those who feel they could benefit

REFERENCES:     Integrate a minimum of 8 course readings, you may integrate others as needed (You can either choose the readings in the attachment or from the course book below)

(“Human Behavior and the Social Environment: Theory and Practice, Second Edition”,

The paper should move beyond a mere description, and be an analysis of themes, conflicts, significant events, transactional relationships and their consequences on his development.  Integrate class discussion and evidence of readings from both the text and syllabus throughout the paper.

Avoid direct quotations from readings, but rather pull ideas from and integrate them, along with your own critical thinking, into your paper. Avoid using lengthy quotes from the narrative (assume I know the story). Provide evidence/reasoning for your conclusions based on the clinical material (narrative).

Discuss your understanding of Billy from a comprehensive biopsychosocial-spiritual, integrative and developmental perspective. Use this perspective as four main headings in your paper. Detail significant events in his life and how they affected his development.  Please be certain to fully address each of the following:

             Identify needs and strengths based on biological influences. Be sure to include influences such as age, sex, heredity, health and illness, abilities and challenges, diseases, etc.).

             Consider meso level systems (family, school, friends, community, etc.)  past and present, and the ways in which this individual has both affected and been affected by these systems.  Discuss meso level resources and risks.

             Consider the influences of ethnicity, race, culture, class, gender, sexual orientation, abilities/disabilities and spirituality/religion on the individual’s development including the interplay between the individual’s characteristics and societal responses.  What opportunities/risks have these posed to the individual?

             Discuss macro level systems (e.g., laws, policies, programs, benefits, etc,) and the impact these have had on this character’s life.  Discuss macro level resources and risks.

             Consider stressors that this individual has been exposed to (e.g., poverty, un/under employment, migration, biases, racism, sexism, discrimination, violence, trauma, loss, etc.).

             Given the above (responses to items 2-6) resources and risks, provide examples of the character’s coping/adaptive strategies. Discuss evidence of strength and resilience as well as vulnerability.

             Select two developmental/psychological and ways in which these theories may be applied to this character’s life.  Compare and contrast the essential components of these two theories – strengths, limitations, assumptions each of these theories make?

             Discuss challenges you imagine experiencing in working with this individual if he were to become a client.  What additional professional knowledge would you need to gain?


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