Facility Acquired Pressure Ulcers

Topic: Facility Acquired Pressure Ulcers
First, review the literature on your topic. This includes gathering scholarly publications on your topic.
Next, you need to begin constructing your presentation. Your posted online presentation should be constructed using presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint. You must have at least one slide for each of the following subheadings listed below.
Root Cause Analysis Outline:
• Title slide with your name
• Outline of the presentation
• Introduction to the concept of Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
• An overall description of how a RCA works
o Event occurs
o Collect information (avoid blame)
o Gather information
o Write a plan (clearly define each component of the plan)
o Implement the plan
o Review results/modify plan as needed
• Description of the event
o Describe the event
o Provide a flow diagram (or fishbone diagram) to illustrate your description of the event
• Contributing factors
o Define the root cause (ex. Machine failure, human error, unclear procedures, etc…)
o State if the root cause(s) has/have been clearly identified
o Include a slide with graphics to illustrate your contributing factors
• Supportive evidence (guidelines, literature and/or standards)
• Action plan
o Describe the action plan (for example, employee/patient education, communication, create guidelines, new equipment, equipment maintenance, training, etc.)
o Include evaluation of action plan
• Conclusion
• Implications for nursing practice and/or patient outcomes
• References (minimum of five scholarly references)
o Cite references throughout your presentation
o Use APA format

Grading Rubric:
Criteria Points
Title/Outline/Introduction 5
Description of Event
• What, Why, Details
• Graphics included (e.g. Fishbone or Flowchart) 20
Contributing Factors
• Human, Environmental, Equipment, Other
• Graphics included 15
Supportive Evidence
• Guidelines, Literature, Standards 20
Action Plan
• Specific plan to prevent reoccurrence and how you will track/monitor results 15
Conclusions/Implications 10
APA, Grammar and Organization
Voice over PowerPoint created with student voice synced with presentation slides 10
• Minimum of five scholarly references (internet sources are ok to use but do not count toward your five references) 5
Total 100

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My Root Cause Analysis (RCA) presentation topic is Facility Acquired Pressure Ulcers. You can add what ever type of scenario you like (for example, a 85 year old female who has diabetes and left sided weakness due to a stroke two years ago developed a pressure ulcer on her sacral area while in the hospital due not be turned every 2 hours) my teacher grades very hard so please complete the slides according to the rubric. If you need to add additional slides, please let me know (it’s not problem, even if it will cost me more). I was told by the online chat that the title slide and references slide will be of no charge, so please add them to the presentation (totaling 11 slides) . Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks in advance for a root cause analysis power point presentation well done!

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