evolution of dogs

Evolution of


Most countries all over the world have
different beliefs, cultures, and lifestyles. There are some aspects within the
countries in the world that have some cultures which are similar and one aspect
that is similar is the existence of dog within these cultures. Dogs are common
all over the world as either as a protector, domestic pet or as a hunting
assistant among many other things. Most individuals have either owned a dog at
some point in their life regardless of the reason for having a dog. It is not
common knowledge for most people for the reasons why dogs came into existence
despite the relative normality of having a dog in one’s life. Dogs have been an
essential part of life throughout a great portion of mankind’s history.  Evolution is a process that relies on natural
selection for a species to change its characteristics over several generations.
Animals and plants that possess good quality have the best opportunity to
survive and this is an advantage because they pass these traits to their
offspring.  Through natural selection, a
species becomes entirely different from its ancestors due to evolution. This
paper will discuss the evolution of dogs.

Dogs were bought into
existence through the evolution of wolves in the form of artificial and natural
selection (Wang et al, 2013).
Around the agricultural revolution, people domesticated wolves which have been
bred to develop new types of breeds for different purposes and this is the
reason why dogs developed from a common predecessor with wolves. Most researchers
believe that dogs and wolves share a communal predecessor and that dogs did not
directly evolve from wolves. Based on the shape of their teeth, canids were the
oldest dog-like creatures
(Castelló, 2018). Canids were just carnivores just as wolves are today.
They also lived in communities just like wolves do. It is believed that man and
dog started the symbiotic relationship of assisting each other when primitive
man evolved from hunting and gathering for food. The crossbreeding and breeding
of dogs began when man started to realize the great importance features
displayed by dogs. There are approximately four hu

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