criminal justice data analysis tools;Choose two of the criminal justice data analysis tools that have been linked in the module resources. Compare and contrast the types of data that can be collected with each tool. Do the tools you selected show similar patterns or trends when you utilize them? What type(s) of crime seem to be increasing and decreasing? Assignments must be between 200-300 words and written in a collegiate manner. APA format required.

of the criminal justice data analysis tools linked in the module resources that
will be discussed are the arrest data analysis tool and corrections statistical
analysis tool. According to Bureau of Justice Statistics (n.d.),  Arrest data analysis tool allows one to create
figures and tables of custody from the year 1980 up to date while corrections
statistical investigation tool lets one to inspect information composed by the yearly
trial investigation on grownup probationers. Arrest data analysis tool enables
one to view national arrest estimates which are either customized for most
offenses by sex, age, race or age group while corrections statistical analysis
tool involves all adults positioned under the observation of a trial organization
as part of a law court mandate irrespective of the status of conviction. The
arrest data analysis tool has a menu that has the annual tables that enables
one to outlook tables of arrest which are arranged by age, gender, race, adult
or young groups while CSAT enables one to generate custom tables of probation
entries and exits and also shows the number of adults on probation at the end
of the year.

to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (n.d.), these two tools show similar trends
and patterns when utilized because both have terms and definitions that provide
more details on how to create custom and national estimate tables and also
explains the use or meaning of terms. Most crimes that are increasing include
rape, assaults, theft and robbery with violence. Crimes that are decreasing
include homicide, kidnapping, murder and property crime (Saylordotorg, n.d.). Most of these crimes are
performed by adults because statistics show that there are very few juvenile
crimes. From the statistics, most crimes such as murder, homicide, property
crime, kidnapping, rape and robbery with violence are performed by adults while
crimes such as drug abuse, theft, and assaults are performed by youths (Saylordotorg, n.d.).

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