Environmental Science 2

Environmental Science.

  • Review Figure 4-10, “Flow of energy and biomass through a food chain” in Ch. 4 of Environmental Science.  Describe the trophic levels presented in the diagram. Explain what is meant by a producer, first-order consumer, and second-order consumer.
  • Review Figure 4-12, “Energy pyramids in two food chains” in Ch. 4 of Environmental Science. The figure description states, ” …more food is available to those societies that eat lower on the food chain”. Explain what this means by comparing pyramids (a) and (b). Do the benefits of eating lower on the food chain inspire you to make changes in your diet? Why or why not?
  • Review Figures 4-13 and 4-14 in Ch. 4 of Environmental Science. Summarize the steps of the carbon cycle. How is carbon cycled back and forth between the atmosphere, and plants and animals? Why should people care about the carbon cycle?
  • Review Figure 4-15 in Ch. 4 of Environmental Science. Summarize the steps of the nitrogen cycle. How is nitrogen cycled back and forth between the atmosphere and the earth? Which species plays a prominent role in cycling nitrogen? Why should people care about the nitrogen cycle?

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