Communication Styles

Communication Styles

Communication Styles Paper
Resource: DiSC® Platinum Rule® Assessment Complete the DiSC® Platinum Rule® Assessment. Read the results of your completed
DiSC® Platinum Rule® Assessment. (My personal DISC Assessment Report is attached) Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in
which you respond to the following questions: What are the different types of communication styles? Briefly describe the
pros and cons to each communication style. How does understanding your personal communication style, and the communication
style of your team members, help you to be more effective as a project manager? What are your primary and secondary
communication styles? Which communication style presents the most challenges for you? What information from your DiSC®
Assessment was most surprising to you? (DISC Assessment report is attached) Identify one way which you will you adapt your
communication style to be more productive. Describe a real life scenario where this adaptation will apply and how it will
be applied. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines, including 3 scholarly references

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