Effective Change Management while rebuilding an Organization

Effective Change Management while rebuilding an Organization

This is a capstone project. I need the thesis statement and 3 research questions due by ! I’ve attached the thesis statement exercise sheet and how the professor wants the thesis statement constructed.

This is your opportunity to do independent research and your time to learn how to do or to refine

(1) A project proposal

(2) Write a problem statement

PUB 699/Capstone: Applied Project Syllabus Page | 4

(3) Conduct a literature review

(4) Describe your research methodology

(5) Summarize your findings

(6) Make recommendations

Introduction (Here you are introducing your topic and the problem statement or research question you will answer in your literature review, do not use a heading)

o Describe or summarize the law, policy or program.

o What is the problem statement or research question?

o What are the goals or desired outcomes of the policy or program?

o Why are the goals or outcomes important?

 Literature Review (Everything in this section should relate back to your problem statement or research question, begins on a new page after the introduction.)

o Uses research techniques to locate the issue or problem you are addressing with similar issues/problems and resolutions. It connects your research/internal organizational work to a larger body of experience and grounds your work in the current knowledge of the field.

o What does the literature (academic journal articles, books on your topic) have to say about your topic? Is there literature regarding how other researchers have evaluated the law, policy or program? What were their conclusions?

o What human resource management theory or theories connect the law, policy or program to its goals or desired outcomes?

 Methodology (Describes what you did and how you did it. The methods section describes all the steps and processes by which you determined the resolution to the issue or problem.) You need to include at a minimum the following:

o 1. What type of research design? (Experimental/Non-Experimental/Quasi-Experimental, factorial, case study, longitudinal, time series, and the list goes on…)

o 2. What are your study variables? Name the independent, dependent and control variables.

o 3. Data Collection. Are you using quantitative data, qualitative data or both? How are you going to collect the Data? Are you going to do a survey? What kind of survey? Are you using a Likert Scale, open ended questions, etc.

o 4. Sampling. What kind of sampling method will you employ? Random, stratified, cluster, quota, expert, snowball, purposeful criterion, etc. Justify why you chose that sampling method. How many people will your survey? What response rate do you expect? What sample size will you need?

o 5. Data Analysis. Depending upon which type of research design you have chosen guides what type of data analysis you will use. Quantitative data lends itself to statistical analysis, i.e. descriptives, multiple regression, t-tests, etc. Qualitative data is handled differently.

 Findings (Report what you found. This section methodically lists the information you found to be true or un-true in an organized format, which allows the reader to consider the outcome of the research


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