Disadvantages Of Traditional Media Tools Marketing Essay

Disadvantages Of Traditional Media Tools Marketing Essay Since television has born, it has already become the most useful media tools among others over many years. Most of the convention company thinks that featuring a television advertising campaign may reflect their companys brand or status at a prestige level. The Advantages Television advertisement is a tool that provides high frequency potential where in a day a single advertisement can reach millions of viewers instantly. This is because television is the highest reach of other kinds of media since each house own a television. Furthermore, television also offers advertisers the most extensive coverage compare to other media. The Disadvantages Television advertisement may be a good tool to reach millions of people but the cost for an advertisement is high. High cost probably comes from the production cost because commercials usually need more time, idea and resources to produce it. Therefore, creating a commercial is expensive. 1.0.2 Radio Radio is not as effective as television and it is more difficult to attract more potential consumers because mostly people only focus on listening to the music rather than advertisement. Meanwhile, the most effective way to transmit the message from an advertisement is when a driver stuck in the middle of the traffic. At the same time, many smaller local companies use radio advertising because the cost of creating a radio advertisement are less costly compare to television. The Advantages Mostly radio advertisers help the listener to store the message easily. Method such as repeating the advertisement can successfully helps the listener to remember it. From time to time, the more the listener stay on the radio, the message will goes deeply into the person mindset and soon from short-term to become long-term memory. Adding sound effect in the advertisement may effectively help consumers to well so every time they heard the sound they may recall back to the advertisement. The Disadvantages Radio advertisements have few chances to reach national audience because there is only a short exposure time of transmitting the message. Usually an advertisement is about 15 to 30 seconds. Most of the times listener involved in other activities such as working, paying attention on driving or just using radio as a restaurant or shops background music to provide their customers a nice and comfortable environment. Therefore, most of them will not pay much attention or skip the advertisement part. 1.0.3 Outdoor Advertising Commonly some companies will use billboards to advertise along the side of the highway in Malaysia. Other than that, banners outside a restaurant, on public transportation and even hanging on the pillars under the flyover also an example of outdoor advertising. The Advantages An outdoor advertisement is an effective way to transmit message towards large group of people. For local companies, these advertisement is an efficient way to transmit the message to their local target because usually local audience able to see them everywhere. The location of setting up these advertisements will affect the outcome such as placing nearby a restaurant, inside cities area, hanging on tall buildings, railway station and amusement park. The Disadvantages The major drawback of an outdoor advertising is short exposure of time. When the advertisement is set by the road side, drivers may only have a quick look on it. They cannot get the full message from the advertisement unless they stop their car. 1.0.4 Magazines In old days, advertise in magazines is also a best way to transmit information towards target audience. Advertise in different magazine allow to target to different consumers according to demographic and lifestyles. The Advantages Magazines advertisements often provide high-quality color on the pictures. Colors and images can attract attention because mostly people love to look at colorful things instead all with words. Besides that, the main function of magazines is to allow readers to read it during leisure time. With viewing colors and images, it can benefit in relaxing themselves like reducing stress after a working day yet they may have longer time to go through with advertisement. The Disadvantages Due to high-quality color in every magazine, the cost of production and printing is way higher compare to newspaper. Therefore, the magazine advertisement prices are also expensive because advertiser needs to generate more idea and time to advertise it in different magazine and different target. If some advertisement target to two consumer, it may effectively target to children in child magazines but if the same idea advertise in adult magazine, the outcome will be different and thats why advertiser need to create another advertisement to focus on their parents. 1.0.5 Newspapers Newspaper has been centuries as a role of transmitting local, nation and global news to the public. Newspaper is a best tool to advertise because the price greatly cheaper compare to others and it is distributed on daily basis. The Advantages Local sellers rely heavily on newspaper advertisement because this is the only tool that targets more on locals. The key factor that advertises in newspaper is that you can list our all your information like promoting sales, business retail hours, and physical store location in a single page yet the price is cheaper than magazine. The Disadvantages Newspapers advertisement also have a shorten lifespan like as outdoor advertising. Normally a person will set the newspaper aside once they finish reading it. Normally a person will not re-read second time on any information unless the object or article able to attract the reader. Therefore, pass by advertisement will remain unnoticeable if it fails to attract the reader. 1.1 The Advantages and Disadvantages of Non-Traditional Media Tools 1.1.1 E-Mail Newsletters E-mail newsletters can be an excellent way to build brand awareness to the public. Newsletters can be subscribed in some branded company web site. The newsletter must be in a form of addressing offers value to the subscribers. Besides that, some company will corporate together so they can share the newsletter by adding in their own advertisement together with their partners advertisement. The Advantages E-mail newsletter is near instant delivery compare to printing newspaper and magazine. The company can share and send the e-mail to their customers at any time they want. Meanwhile, the company may also send the newsletter to multiple customers just in few clicks time. Hence, recipient can forward the news easily to their friends and family if the offer given by the company is beneficial. The Disadvantages The actual deliverability to the recipients can be low due to SPAM filters or e-mail address changes. Nowadays, there are many potential hackers in the web. To prevent and protect customers privacy, many e-mail browsers using advance filter technology to filter incoming message. So whenever the mail browsers detect something suspicious inside the newsletter, it will automatically direct it into the junk box. 1.1.2 Blogs Some company use web logs to promote their products. A blog advertise can be effective when spreading positive work-of-mouth communications. Meanwhile, using a blog is easier to check the companys news or process and the content mostly will be updated regularly compare to a weekly or monthly e-mail newsletters. The Advantages Company blogs provide an easy access to company news. By doing so, they encourage their customers to view their blogs frequently because some company will regularly update their latest product, upcoming events and latest promotions. Hence, a company that shows their latest detail will gain loyalty from existing customers. The Disadvantages When a blog that dealing with transaction, small local business company may face difficulties with it. If the company is branded, customers will spend more time on the blogs page to browse what they looking for and they can make payment securely because usually well-know company allow people to feel more reliable and secure. In other words, when a small local business company with a least well-know brand, customers confidence level towards the company will not as much as branded company. 1.1.3 Online Advertising Since 1990s, online advertising have increased steadily. Due to the power of internet, marketers think that online advertising is the newest and highly effective method to reach consumers. Types of online advertising are popup, web banner, media feed or video advertisement. The Advantages Online advertising can allow advertisers to reach significantly more people than traditional advertising media in a shorter time. Advertisement can be more targeted than some traditional media because there are variety of people with different age, race and culture surfing the web daily. The Disadvantages Heavy online advertising will cause web users to slowly immune to advertisement. When user are immune to advertisement, the number of people who respond to advertisement will steadily decrease and those advertisements will become not important to everyone anymore. 1.1.4 Online Social Networks Recent years, online social networks have become extremely popular among people. Some company will use social networking site to communicate with consumers. The most well-known social networking site is Facebook, MySpace, Google+ and Twitter. Instead of communicate with consumers, companies also making product and event announcement. The Advantages Since the network is unlimited, advertising in social networking sites are great for attracting more customers. When a customer is connected to your company, your company profile and information will spread among their family and friends too. The speed on spreading news in social sites is getting faster so the network can soon grow wider and even more when the advertisement has successfully build awareness in public. The Disadvantages Despite of building brand awareness, social sites are not that effective because it need to depend on how a user remembers a company brand. When your company brand is not as famous in the market, people will not aware of your product. Meanwhile, brand awareness is usually created from big advertisement on TV, banners, billboards, newspapers, magazines and other repeated advertisement tools. However, social sites may attack from bad comment when a product dissatisfied the customers and since everyone able to comment on something easily. So, this may pull down the companys image easily. 1.1.5 Couponing Coupon can be found in newspaper, magazines, or online advertisement. At most company will encourage consumer to cut or print out these entire coupon and collect for certain amount so that you can redeem the offer. Some companies like McDonald will request consumers to print out the coupon from their webpage so they can enjoy the rebate. The Advantages Heavy Couponing user will save up their monthly expenses effectively. When a smart spender collected lots of coupon, they may get the amount of offer goods in lower price. During the period of collecting coupons, collectors may request their friends and family together for help out in collecting it. By doing so, the promotion news will spread to others by word-of-mouth. The Disadvantages Some people will feel embarrassing due to self-respect. They might feel that why I need to spend time to collect the entire coupon and use it to save just a few ringgit which they may afford to pay. It is wasting time to collect it and sometimes some coupon occurs in magazines so consumer will need to purchase the magazine every week to collect it. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Different_types_of_non_traditional_market 1.2 Promotional Mixes Used by Proton Company Advertisement is important to every company. Effectively using advertisement will not just creating awareness to the public but also potentially increase market sales. The Proton Company is using this method to gain profit and increase market share. The company has used five ways to advertise their product such as television, banner, newspaper, social media networks and sales promotion. First of all, many company still believing advertise in television is the most successful way to reach the audience. Since every household own a television, the percentage of people watching television everyday will remain at an upper rate. Proton normally advertises their product during some peak hours like during 6p.m. to 10p.m. Every family will start to watch television during that period because everyone already back to house from working and having dinner with families. By that time, each of them may come across with the advertisement. Protons even pick some festive seasons to promote their product like the recent Chinese New Year. Proton has purposely create a commercial for celebrating Chinese New Year by showing a German engineer driving the Proton Preve safely back to his wifes hometown. Secondly, Proton is also heavily using banner to advertise. By placing banner in certain heavy traffic, cities such as Kuala Lumpur and even fly over in highways. Catching eye banner normally the best way to transmit message into viewer mind even there is only a short time exposure. The best banner that Proton has created is advising drivers to drive safely on the road. Once the driver read the message, the next day when they pass by again they will check which company is concerning the public safety. By doing so, Proton has already create a brand awareness to the public. Thirdly, in knowing most of the consumers will be reading newspaper in the morning or anytime in a day. Protons advertisement sometime will be seen in a newspaper. They usually will used up whole page to advertise their product or service. Normally they will not choose front or second page but they will choose middle part of the newspaper so that can easily capture the readers mind with colors and pictures after reading tones of words in the previous page. Besides that, Proton also advertises their service center location so readers may find their service center easily. By grabbing the golden opportunity of using web in this 21st century, advertise in social media networks is as simple as effective. The large audience in the web has brought Proton to find more potential customers to promote their services and products. Simple steps like sharing in Facebook, Twitter and Youtube will efficiently transmit all the information to its audience. No matter they accept it or not, once they view the message already transmit into their mind. Proton owns a Facebook and Youtube page. On Facebook page, they often use to upload recent promotions photos and reply consumers comment. While on Youtube channel, they are posting their products commercial or videos during their recent event. Lastly, sales promotion is a value adding activities designed to boost short term sales and usually include point of sales activities such as in-store and event displays, product trial and distributing leaflets in public. Before launching the new Proton Preve, the company has organized a huge event named Power of 1 at Stadium Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur. The purpose of creating that event is to raise the awareness of their Proton brand and to show the public how well their product perform, demonstration is provided on the spot. At the same time, the Preve also shown up but is covering up by stripe form cover so that can maintain at a mysterious stage. Every time after the launch of their products, they will conduct a road show too by issuing brochure to allow consumer to know more about the product. Therefore based on all of these promotion strategies from Proton, the chances to convince a viewer to buy the product is largely depend on the buyer expectation on the product, level of brand loyalty or brands reputation and how great is the quality of the product. Even though sometimes it might not convince a viewer but at least theyre aware of your brand, product and services. So when times goes on follow by the enhancement of a company product, the chances to convince a buyer will also increase. In conclusion, Proton Company should continue to advertise their upcoming product so it may show the growth and improvement of the company. With these reason, the chances of people to buy their product is higher. 1.3 Effectiveness of Advertisement There are two concepts that ensure the times of advertise to reach target audience is the effective reach and effective frequency. Effective reach is the percentage of an audience that must be exposed to a particular message to achieve a specific objective. While the effective frequency refers to the number of times a target audience must be exposed to a message to achieve a particular objective. (Clow, 2011) Effective frequency and effective reach are crucial as when too few exposures will cause the advertiser fail to gain its intended objectives. Whereas if too much exposures will occur in the way of wasting resources. The most effective in advertising is achieving the intended objective successfully without experiencing wastage or marginal return from extra advertisement. Effective reach can be used under situation like a company wants to increase brand recognition. Then the advertisers will emphasis on the visual presentation on the product or the company logo. In this way may allow a person to recognize easily on the brand name together with the companys logo. The main objective of using this method is to nearer a gap in a persons knowledge with the brands. Therefore, if an advertiser wants to increase reach then they have to advertise to a large group of target audience and keep mentioning the brands name and logo as a selling point. Media tools that can cause this happen effectively are by advertising in television, outdoor advertising, magazines, internet, and direct mail. On the other hand, the objective of effective frequency is to increase brand recall. Usually repetition in advertising method is needed so that consumer can remember well of the brand in their mind or memory. Besides that, repetition can increase the times that particular brands will automatically popup in your mind. The more time the audience sees or heard about the advertisement is more easily to remember than he or she heard once in a life time. Examples of media tools that can be used are by television, radio, newspapers and Youtube advertisement thats play first before showing the actual video content.

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