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Biometrics For most people when first hearing the word biometrics, they have an instant reaction to tune out. Just because the term sounds complicated and somewhat boring does not mean that the information behind the term is incredibly interesting and fun! When first discussing the term with others, I too thought it would be a typical boring computer topic. It was not until I began to research the topic, that I saw computers to be intriguing. One of my favorite aspects of the topic is what it initially reminds me of. I could not help but think of spy and other technical movies that show biometrics being used. The term biometrics, refers to the automated methods of categorizing a person, based on their behavioral, and physiological characteristics. What people may not know about biometric systems, is that the basis alone is from natures oldest way of identification. By determining these characteristics in an authentication inquiry, this information can then be saved in reference, for identification to determine if the user can be granted access to any private or secured location. This particular method of recognition is preferred to those such as, passwords, or pin numbers. Although these methods are still commonly used, with biometrics we are able to make sure the person being identified is physically present, and elements the hassle of remembering several passwords. These physiological techniques could include fingerprints, retinal scanning, voice patterning, facial recognitions, DNA analysis along with hand and finger geometry. Biometrics is such a rapidly improving technology, that has been previously used for years in forensics, such as identification, and prison security. While the behavioral techniques include handwriting and voice recognition, gait, and keystroke dynamics. By having these special techniques replacing pins, we are able to feel secure about unauthorized used of ATM’s cellular phones, desktop PC’s, and other personal securities. In addition to these currently password protected areas, biometrics can also replaces keys for automobiles, such as key-less entry. Trust in these areas of secured access, is essential to a happy and healthy environment. Even though there are several ways of detecting identity, the most popular has been the facial recognition and fingerprint matching. These techniques are expected to be added in aid for homeland security identification, at places such as airports, along with helping in reliable travel documents, and preventing ID theft. Along with th e important need for reliable homeland security, biometrics are important in areas such as financial transactions, retail sales, investing, electronic banking, law enforcement, and health and social services.

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