Change for Change’s Sake

Change for Change’s Sake Harvard Business Review Article Critique Custom Essay

You do not have to use MLA or APA formats in your critiques, but the critique must be well organized and composed.

Critique Guidelines Objective:

The objective of the project is to provide the student with an opportunity to evaluate a full length article from a respected management periodical. In doing so, the project should contain the elements of description, criticism and merits, and project summary.

The assignment is not designed simply for you to paraphrase the work. Instead, it seeks to give you an opportunity to read and evaluate a study and comment on it. This means incorporating many of your views and comments, and putting them into a rational, readable format.

Writing the Critique

  1. Heading: At the top of the first page, the student should identify the reading. It should follow this format: James R. Stengel, Andrea L. Dixon, and Chris T. Allen, “Listening Begins at Home”, Harvard Business Review, Volume 8 Number 11, November 2007 issue, Pages 106-112 (Articles run from 6 to 12 pages or more. Articles shorter than this should not be used.)
  1. Thesis: Now, you should locate the thesis of the work and write it as briefly as possible (usually stated in one or two brief sentences). The thesis focuses upon what the author intends to do in the following pages. For example: “The authors illustrate how listening to your employees is key to building morale and improving the bottom line. They use an example of how Procter & Gamble and a consulting team carried out a company-wide program to find out what their employees were thinking about various production and human resource issues.”
  1. Description and Analysis: Once the thesis has been identified and noted, the next step should be to provide the reader with a brief review of the work. In this portion, the student should attempt to provide a general summary of the study and highlight key points supporting the thesis. Use your own words as much as possible, but when using the author’s own words, be very sure you bracket them with quote marks. As you develop this section of your project, keep this question in mind: After reading the description, will the reader acquire a sound general knowledge of the key elements presented by the author?
  1. Summary: Although this portion can easily be incorporated into the description, the student may desire to separate it. Its essence should be to provide a carefully summarized series of pros and cons regarding the quality of the work and the concepts presented. Some significant questions to consider include:
  1. Was a thesis clearly stated? If yes, did the remainder of the work support it? If not, was the study hampered by its omission? Could it have used more/less examples?
  1. In what ways was the work informative? In essence, what points did the author make which truly affected you? Did you agree or disagree with them? Why?
  1. Was the work understandable and easy to read, or was it complicated and confusing? Did the author make good use of charts and graphs? Support your views with examples.
  1. When you initially selected the study, what did you expect and did the author meet those expectations? Explain briefly.


With careful planning and organization, this project should not exceed three typed pages. Also, do not use “thesis”, “description and analysis”, and “summary” as section headings in your critique — these terms are only used here for instructional purposes.


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