Case Study: Youth justice advocacy service

Case Study: Youth justice advocacy service Custom Essay

Case Study: Youth justice advocacy service

  1. You work for a youth justice advocacy service. You are concerned about the numbers of young offenders held on remand in juvenile detention centres in Queensland. You are asked to write a report which details the current position and compares diversionary options for juveniles across at least three Australian jurisdictions with a view to recommendations to lower this rate.
  1. You are employed as a research officer within Corrective Services. You have been asked to look at the issue of children residing with their mothers in custody. You are asked to write a report which examines the issue of young children residing with their mothers in prison across at least three Australian jurisdictions and make a determination on whether the current Queensland situation should continue either in its current format or at all.
  1. You work as a research officer for a police service. You are asked to compile a report focusing on police

interactions with people suffering from mental illness. The report should highlight the operation of current systems across three different Australian jurisdictions and focus on recommendation regarding improving diversion and referral of such offenders during initial contact with police.
A concise summary of the current position and an overview of the problem
In this introductory section, you must provide a brief summary of the current position, explain how the problem

arises in context, and set out the scope of your analysis. This section should contain a strong statement of your

argument (supported by relevant sources). It should also provide a brief overview of any relevant law and/or

departmental policy or procedure that is relevant to the topic chosen. I recommend you allocate approx. 500 – 700

words to this section.

  • Summarise current position/operation
    » Look for policy and procedures and other policy documents or manuals on relevant organisational websites
    • Explain how the problem arises in context
    » Identify what you think issue is – TIP: is somewhat outlined in the questions and why supervisor needs to pay

attention to it.
• Strong statement of your argument – supported by relevant sources. Need to present both sides of the argument

but must argue for a side
• Overview relevant law and/or departmental policy or procedure that is relevant to topic chosen

Critical Analysis
Critical analysis of the problem
This forms the body of your report. In this section, you need to analyse the issues to identify how/where areas of

weakness or injustice arise. You will need to conduct independent research and use appropriate sources to support

your analysis. Don’t just describe the issues – analyse the strengths or weaknesses in the system that contribute

to or overcome the problem. This item requires considerable thought and attention, and I would expect it to be

longer and more detailed than the other sections – allocate approx. 1000 – 1500 words to this section.

  • Analyse the issues
    » Describe it – paint a picture with evidence (e.g. stats, policy statements, reports noting good/bad evidence)
    » Look at support for AND against the issue
    • Identify areas of weakness/problems
    » Look at this in the legislative/policy contact
    » Analyse the current operation of the issue and look at what you think might not be working from evidence or

reports raising issues
» Consider how the people experiencing this issue (e.g. juveniles on remand or mothers with children going to

prison) experience it
• Don’t just describe the issues – analyse their positions in contributing to problem or solution
• Use appropriate sources to support your analysis

  • What argument(s) are being made?
    » What is the author’s approach/perspective?
    » Are the points made by the author supported by evidence?
    » Is a balanced argument being made?
    » Is the evidence anecdotal or is the evidence the result of scientific
    » study/research?
    » Is it referenced? Is it recent? Are there unsupported generalizations?
    » Do you agree with the points being made?
    » Does the writer make reasonable inferences?
    » Any unfair persuasion tactics such as appeals to prejudice or fear?
    » Characterise the tone of the writing – Does the language, tone, or choice of examples reveal any biases? If so,

do these reduce its credibility?
» Do your reactions reveal biases in your own thinking?

  • Strategic use of paragraphs
    • introduce the point you want to make;
    • make the point, with supporting evidence;
    • reflect critically on the point.
    • If it’s worth including, it’s worth saying why
    • Check for unsubstantiated statements
    » Sometimes a generalised, sweeping statement can slip through: the kind of statement that might be acceptable on

conversation, but not in academic writing
• Support arguments with detailed evidence from a range of sources
An analysis should provide information, interpretation, and evaluation of evidence not opinion based.

Recommendations for reform.
You should provide at least two recommendations for reform. Your recommendations should be based on your research

(i.e. based on the literature available), and should be well-grounded and achievable. I recommend you allocate

approx. 300 – 500 words to this section.
Weaknesses, problems or issues that should be addressed correspond with recommendations. Cant cover all in essay,

but must pick at least 2 major ones that you have talked about.
How are the recommendations going to fix/change/ address the issue, and what we need to fulfil it
Can adopt recommendations from other states but need to state why and how it will change the issue
• Provide at least two recommendations
• Note change would be required to implement them (e.g. Amendment to legislation, policy change, procedural

• Link your argument to your recommendations
» What is the problem?
» How does it manifest?
» Show evidence for this
» Decide how to address it
• Is my conclusion trailed and supported sufficiently well by my preceding analysis and argument?
» Check out the conclusions that you have drawn, then locate and check the supporting evidence you provide earlier

» Make it clear where the recommendation comes from – hark back to the evidence presented and the conclusion you

drew about this.
» Be clear on why you think this recommendation will fix/change things for the better in relation to the gap or

problem you identified.

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