Transaction analysis and statement preparation

ACC 205 Week 1 Exercise 5 Transaction analysis and statement preparation

Transaction analysis and statement preparation. The transactions that follow


relate to Burton Enterprises for March 20X1, the company’s first month of activity.


3/1: Joanne Burton, the owner invested $20,000 into the business.


3/4: Performed $2,400 of services on account.


3/7: Acquired a small parcel of land by paying $6,000 cash.


3/12: Received $700 from a client, who was billed previously on March 4.


3/15: Paid $800 to the Journal Herald for advertising expense.


3/18: Acquired $9,000 of equipment from Park Central Outfitters by paying


$7,000 down and agreeing to remit the balance owed within the next


2 weeks, (Accounts Payable).


3/22: Received $300 cash from clients for services.


3/24: Paid $1,500 on account to Park Central Outfitters in partial settlement


of the balance due from the transaction on March 18.


3/28: Rented a car from United Car Rental for use on March 28. Total charges


amounted to $75, with United billing Burton for the amount due.


3/31: Paid $900 for March wages.


3/31: Processed a $600 cash withdrawal from the business for Joanne Burton.




  1. Determine the impact of each of the preceding transactions on Burton’s assets,


liabilities, and owner’s equity. See exhibit 1.5. Use the following format:


Assets = Liabilities + Owner’s Equity


Cash, Accounts Receivable, Land, Equipment Accounts Payable (+)Investments (+) Revenues


(-) Withdrawals (-) Expenses

  1. Record each transaction on a separate line. Calculate balances only after the last transaction has been recorded.
  1. Prepare an income statement, a statement of owner’s equity, and a balance sheet, (See Exhibit 1.1, 1.3 and 1.4)


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