Early Christian Art

Early Christian Art

The Period of Persecution

The Catacombs

Constantine s Proclamation

The Period of Recognition

Latin Cross Plan

Byzantine Art

Church of San Vitale, Ravenna

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul (Constantinople), Turkey

Islamic Art

Kaaba at Mecca

Medieval Art (Middle Ages/Dark Ages)

Illuminated Manuscripts


Romanesque Art

Cathedral of St. Etienne, Caen, France

Sculpture on Portals

Gothic Art

Loan Cathedral

Cathedral of Notre Dame, Paris, France

Portals & Jamb Figures

Key Terms to Know:

Catacomb                Kaaba

Latin Cross Plan        Middle Ages

Portal                     Illuminated Manuscripts

Nave                      Romanesque

Transept                 Tympanum

Apse                      Gothic

Byzantine                Fying Buttress

Mosaic                    Jamb Figures


This DB will require that you do a bit of research before posting. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Section 1 – For this discussion board, I would like you to first, tell the class what interests you the most about the art we have studied in this chapter.

Section 2 – Next, I would like you to do some brief research via the internet. Tell the class ONE COMPLETELY NEW STATEMENT OF INFORMATION about your favorite section/artwork that is NOT STATED IN THE TEXTBOOK. In other words, give us some additional information about something that was covered in the chapter, perhaps the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, Illuminated Manuscripts, the Catacombs in Rome, or maybe something about the jamb figures in image 15-34 on page 355 (why are their faces a different color than the rest of the statue?).  A minimum of 6 sentences is required for section 2 to receive full credit.

Section 3 – Finally, list the website where you found this information. Use the method for making an automatic like that was used in project 1. The link must take us to a page where the information is listed. (Remember to use the method of adding the link so that it makes a direct connection…then double check to make sure the web address that you have typed in your DB posting connects properly and takes us directly to the information. If your address does not make an automatic link, you will not receive credit.) You may use the same website as another student, however, your new information must be different. DO NOT use any of the websites that I have posted in my lecture notes. Do not use wikipedia as your source. For instance:

1) I am especially interested in the stained glass of the Cathedrals. I am amazed and curious about the kind of technology that was available during this time period to create these beautiful images. I can see why they would be so inspiring to anyone coming into an otherwise dark church.

2) The text doesn’t go into detail about this, so I wanted to do a bit of additional research. Large stained glass windows were an incredible advancement in technology. Can you imagine how dark these cathedrals must have been before they were able to add windows? Not only did these windows provide and inspiring colorful light, they were also used as powerful symbols of Christianity. For example, the rose window is shaped like a blooming rose which is a symbol of Mary. Did you know that there are two types of stained glass? “Pot metal glass” is made by adding metalic oxides to molten glass. “Flashed glass” is made by fusing colored glass onto clear glass. Details, such as facial features, are painted on with black enamel and then fused to the glass by firing. Colors were a bit limited during the Medieval times.

3) I found this information in the book “Great Themes in Art” by John Walford. I also found a great website that gives the history of stained glass. Enjoy!


Recap of requirements:

1) Tell us what interests you the most in this chapter.

2) Report some new information about your item of interest…some bits of information that the book doesn’t give us that might help us understand or enjoy the topic more. A minimum of 6 sentences required for full credit. Change the subject heading of your posting to reflect the topic you have chosen.

3) Tell us where you found this information. Place this is a URL link. Make the automatic link using the method used in project 1 and double check to make sure it connects. You will not receive credit if your website does not connect properly or does not have the link displayed as an automatic link…so remember to double-check it after you have posted.


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