WRA 1004/0102, Assignment 3: FS15

WRA 1004/0102, Assignment 3: FS15

WRA 1004/0102                                 Assignment 3                                                  FS15

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 Having already used your writing, reading and research for the purposes of reflection and inquiry, you will now move to a more activist stance. You have worked to understand a social and cultural problem from your own experience. What do you think should be done about this problem? Do you recommend a change in institutional policy? Or should students in your position, or those who meet them, receive more help with cross-cultural understanding in order to better handle such situations on their own?


 Research will continue on this project, as you will need to determine the right agency to receive your recommendations. Who is enabled to make the kind of policy decisions you advocate? What related decisions have they made in the past, and how can you present your proposals as fitting in with their mission and goals? What kinds of language do they typically use in their communications, and how can you adapt to their rhetorical style?


 Reading, writing and researching for the purpose of social action;

  • Developing your repertoire of rhetorical strategies, by writing to persuade a particular audience to adopt your proposals.


Your purpose is to make use of your experience, reflection, research and conclusions to persuade a policy-making institution, whether it be the residence-hall association, the OISS, the MSU parking authority, the agent who helped you gain admission to MSU, or some other, to adopt your proposals. You will need to write convincingly in the rhetorical style and format of the institution to which you are addressing your proposal.

Project: 500 words minimum: maximum, as many as needed.

Primary and secondary sources.

Opposing arguments and replies.

Peer Review and Revision Plan.

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