Working with Children essays

Working with Children

PLEASE be aware I am from Australia. Writer who has English as their first language is required.
PSYCHOTHERAPY (Gestalt Psychotherapy)

PSYCHOTHERAPY: Age & Cultural Issues Theoretical Research Paper
Choice A: Working with people who identify as belonging to particular populations
PLEASE NOTE: The Population is CHILDREN 4-12 Years.
Length 3,000 words APA
This written assessment formulates a response as to how a GESTALT therapist would work with a person who can be identified as belonging to a particular population.PLEASE NOTE: The Population is CHILDREN 4-12 Years.
Students are to select, synthesise and evaluate general and gestalt literature on working with one particular client population. Students are to demonstrate their understanding of the specific needs of such clients and ethical issues that may emerge.
Students are to offer a comparison with how another psychotherapy or counselling modality works with this population.
Students may choose to analyse how to work with men, women, children, adolescents, the elderly, a particular cultural or ethnic group, homosexuals, etc. PLEASE NOTE: The Population chosen is CHILDREN 4-12 Years.
(This assignment is not to include working with a clinical issue e.g. depression, anxiety, grief, etc. Nor is it to include working with couples, families or organisations.) The written work will draw on appropriate theoretical constructs that inform the work of psychotherapists when dealing with particular populations of clients.PLEASE NOTE: The Population is CHILDREN 4-12 Years.
The written work will provide an analyses of this proposed work using the tools of the 4 pillars of Gestalt, namely Field Sensitivity, Phenomenology, Dialogue and Experimentation. The analysis will present the following:
Field issues: What are the field issues that need to be considered in working with this population of clients?
Provide a synthesis of the field related issues that need to be considered when working with client. (In this section the students will identify the particular population that the client belongs to. The student will then assemble field elements that may have an impact on the client and the therapist);
Phenomenological issues: What could be some presenting phenomenon in your client that would be important for you to know and that may help you identify the issues that your client is dealing with?
A description of manifesting phenomenology of the client and appropriate responses to this phenomenology. (In this section the student will need to differentiate what he/she knows about the population grouping of the client and the effects this may have on a person’s life);
Dialogical issues: What are dialogical issues that may present in your client and how will this impact on your relationship with your client and the way you will need to work with this client?
Appraise the dialogical challenges and present a dialogical intention for working in therapy with the client (This section will need to calculate the impact of the membership of the population and how this may have impacted on the client’s ability to relate to another. It will need to consider ethical issues. It will also need to consider ethical issues that are relevant in the dialogical relationship);
Experiential Approach: What could be appropriate experiments when working with this person?
Create a situation of experimentation that could meet the needs of a client of this particular population. (This section needs to draw on the 3 previous analyses and envisage a moment within therapy that could be enhanced by a particular experimental opportunity. This section needs to draw on the therapist’s imagination and creativity but does not need to be complex);

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