The Williams family includes Angelica, who is 68 years old, her daughter Makia, who is 48 years old

The Williams family includes Angelica, who is 68 years old, her daughter Makia, who is 48 years old, and her four children Temika, Quintina, Sherese, and Brandon (ages 12, 10, 6, and 4 respectively). Angelica, the matriarch, has four other children, Tyron, who is 49 years old, is married and has two children, Malik and Tina (ages 10 and 6). Veronica, who is 45, is married and pregnant with her first child. Sheila, who is 41 years of age, is divorced with two children. Sheila’s children, Thomas and Beverly (age 7 and 6), are close to their father and see him every other weekend as well as two nights a week.
Angelica was divorced when the youngest of her children was 6 and has been a single mother most of her life except for the time she was married to her ex-husband, George. After the divorce, he was emotionally cut off from the children. She relied on her extended family for support and was also very close to her church community. Her father, a minister, never approved of her marriage to George, who died of a heart attack 2 years ago. Two years prior to George’s death, George’s mother accidentally died which brought George and the children together. Although that relationship was tense, they were able to resolve some of their issues and a sense of connection was established.
Angelica, on the other hand, never resolved her conflict with her ex-husband. They were distant and always had bitter words for each other. Angelica is very close to her children and her mother’s family. The Williams family is African American and family members are proud of their cultural and family heritage. They have strong spiritual beliefs and practicing their faith is an important aspect of their lives. In the last therapy session, Angelica told the family therapist, “God helps me deal with anything in life. He is my strength.”
Makia separated from her husband 8 months ago. After this separation, Angelica allowed Makia and her children to move in with her until she was “on her feet” financially. Angelica has been working two jobs to make ends meet. The children seem to be struggling academically with the exception of Tamika who excels in school. There are conflicts about disciplining the children because Angelica finds her daughter to be too lenient. Makia feels that she has to protect the children from Angelica’s disapproval. Angelica complains that Makia has been totally dependent on her and cannot make a decision about anything. Makia got her mother to agree to family counseling to help deal with the issues in the new family makeup. Angelica is skeptical about therapy

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