Why cheating in academics is on the rise at all levels of education

Why cheating in academics is on the rise at all levels of education. Or, What causes grade inflation?

Your paper should:

Be 800-1000 words long.

Argue the causes of your particular topic, and use researched evidence (including direct quotes) to support

your claims. It should also distinguish between immediate and remote causes, focusing on immediate

causes first.

Remember, 3 is the magic number—assertion, evidence, importance.

Be typed according to MLA Guidelines—12 point Times New Roman, Name, Professor,- Course/Class,

Date, and Paper Title all in the correct place. -Works Cited pare as well, parenthetical documentation.DO


ASK ME. Be proofread for basic errors and typos.

Follow writing rules we have learned so far: No 1st or 2nd person, No contractions, use

transitional expressions, avoid passive voice, avoid the vague “this”, no sentence fragments, avoid

rhetorical questions.

You need at least 3 sources from credible print or library database sources. Simple google searches

or random internet pages will not be accepted.

Organizing and Structuring the Essay: Some pointers (from D. Chiang-Schulthesiss at Fullerton College)

1.Introductory Paragraph:

  • Begin your expository essay by arousing the audience’s interest in the introductory paragraph. Invest them in

the problem

  • This is the paragraph that must clearly establish the subject of your essay and that must identify the purpose

for writing the essay. In this assignment, your purpose is to explain what has given rise to a particular

phenomenon.· Create a thesis that is one sentence long and that appears in the very last sentence of the

introductory paragraph.

  1. Main Body section:
  • In the main body of your essay, create a paragraph for each of your causes, whether it is a remote or an immediate

cause. In the form of a topic sentence, be sure the reader knows what type of cause you are writing about.

(E.g. Perhaps the most common cause for the breakdown of friendships is that the two people have a

communication breakdown.) Notice that my main idea in this paragraph will be to explain how

communication breakdowns can ruin a friendship. I will have to give at least a couple examples of real or

hypothetical situations to illustrate the claim.

  • Consider how to order the main body paragraphs. For example, within the immediate causes section, you might

arrange the 3-4 paragraphs by the most serious reasons to the least serious causes. Alternatively, you could

order the paragraphs according to what is the most common factor in friendships breaking up. You will

have several main body paragraphs, but the number will vary depending on your subject. Each paragraph,

though, should start off with a topic sentence that indicates the next cause you will be explaining.

  • Remember to add the analysis part to each of the paragraphs. You cannot merely write about what causes

X to happen; you have to explain why it happens and why it is important. Use researched evidence to

support your claims.

  • Don’t stray from your topic; stay focused.
  • You must use transitions between paragraphs to signal that you are writing about a new cause, whether it is a

remote or an immediate cause. Your objective is to link the paragraphs together smoothly.

  1. Conclusion Paragraph:

Your conclusion paragraph should clearly bring the essay to a close. While you do not need to restate each

of the various causes, you might want to reiterate your essay’s purpose that was stated in the introductory

paragraph. You might want to predict what the future holds if the event you are examining is not the end

result of some previous events. What are the implications of the event now that it has occurred?


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