What is the purpose of the system unit?

What is the purpose of the system unit?



  1. List and define five primary components of the motherboard.



  1. List and define the three primary subunits of the CPU.



  1. List and describe the two major categories of software.



  1. Which internal components are connected by SATA cable?



  1. Why is it best to install the CPU heatsink and fan prior to placing the motherboard inside the system unit?



  1. What is the difference between centralized and distributed processing?



  1. In the context of network communications, describe the difference between a protocol and a standard.  And, explain why each is an important feature of networks.



  1. What is the purpose of the operating system?



  1. What is the purpose of the power supply?



  1. Draw and explain the IPO model.



  1. What is the purpose of the API and why is it important to the computer systems?



  1. List and define three types of computer categories.



  1. How do communication channels enable computer and network operations?



  1. What is the difference between RAM and ROM?



  1. What is the purpose of the I/O interface?



  1. Where does middleware reside and what is its purpose?
  1. What is the difference between client-server and peer-to-peer computing?
  1. Describe the top-down approach to systems analysis?
  1. List and describe four basic computer operations.


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