What is better for an engineer, windows or Mac

What is better for an engineer, windows or Mac ? Recommendation report

Guidelines for Project 6 (Formal Recommendation Report)

  • The report is to follow the basic format shown in the Markel text, pages 532 – 558, with the exception that you do not need an Executive Summary. Note that the report includes a brief cover letter.  I will go over this information as we progress.
  • The report is a “Recommendation Report” and must present a recommendation between two options that each have some merit. In other words, your report should not concern an “obvious” or “generally-accepted-as-fact” recommendation (for example: a recommendation that submarines use nuclear power – they already do!)
  • The “Results” section of the report must contain at least 4 full pages of text, single-spaced with double spacing between paragraphs in order to adequately discuss the issues involved in making a recommendation. The front and back matter do not count toward this page requirement.
  • Concentrate on the following: proper grammar, correct spelling, appropriate word choice, clear sentence structure, logical organization of information, “user –friendly” appearance.
  • Cite directly, paraphrase or use as background information at least ten separate sources as supporting documentation for your recommendation. These sources must be cited within the text using parenthetical documentation.
  • While your grade will be based on these criteria, I will consider each report holistically (that is, I will not overly focus on individual errors, but look at the effectiveness of your project as a whole). However, your grade will be affected by errors and omissions that contribute to the effectiveness of your project, such as the following:

             All required portions of the report are not included.

             The report has basic grammar errors or spelling mistakes.

             The finished report requires significant editing or proofreading for clarity.

             The report does not focus on a single audience and have a specific recommendation.

             The report is not in the proper format.

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