What factors influence whether a university graduate will be employed within six months from graduation?

What factors influence whether a university graduate will be employed within six months from graduation? What determines the starting salary? [You may focus on one or both of these questions]

I need a project plan, up to 10k words of dissertation(with the literature review of up to 3k words included) and about 20 slides of power point presentation, but that i’m gonna order later for the deadline is different for the presentations. Here’s the Standard format (for an empirical paper) given by my university:

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  1. (Abstract)
  2. Introduction
  3. Literature review (may be worked into introduction)
  4. (Theoretical modelling, equations, and econometric specification and justification)
  5. Data description, institutional background (if relevant)
  6. Analysis and results
  7. Further discussion of results, extensions etc (may be worked into conclusion)
  8. Conclusion
  9. List of works cited
  10. (Appendix)

Literature review criteria:

Perceptive analysis of relevant literature that demonstrates clearly its relevance to the topic of the project

An essay that integrates the literature surveyed into a coherent whole, capable of being understood without the requiring the reader to access the surveyed materials

A plan that shows clearly how its implementation could result in a dissertation that demonstrates originality in any branch of economics. Where appropriate, potential data sources should be specified and summary statistics given.


Criteria for the Oral and Slide Presentation (of the literature review and project plan):

Discussion: Demonstrates a personal and nuanced understanding of the topic and the relevant literature. Responds adequately to questions.

Content: Organised outline of literature, clearly related to topic and to project plan. Project plan is realistic and has some detail.

Slides: Slides are clear, compelling, relevant, presented in a meaningful order, and integrate with the speech.

Speech: Speaks in professional, complete and grammatical sentences, with poise and measured confidence.

Criteria for the Dissertation:

A necessary attribute of first class projects is that they demonstrate originality in any branch of economics and they will also satisfy at least one of the following:

Innovative construction, estimation and analysis of empirical model (or models) designed to test hypotheses developed in the project

Construction of a theoretical model to address issues relevant for the project, derivation of the predictions of the model and evaluation of their implications

Analysis of existing empirical, theoretical or historical studies in a systematic way that obtains original insights (theoretical, empirical, or both)

Perceptive exposition, discussion and critical evaluation, that goes beyond the existing literature, for one or more aspects of economic policy



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