“Vocational High Schools: Career Path or Kiss of Death?″

“Vocational High Schools: Career
Path or Kiss of Death?”


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key to a brighter future is through education. At secondary school levels, most
young teenagers have difficulties in making career choices. Regardless of what
kind a person is, making the right career choice is very crucial in life.
Through a career, one is able to utilize their skills well. Some people tend to
do tremendous jobs when they feel passionate about a certain career or like
that career. Those individuals who are not sure about which career path to
choose are provided a place by vocation schools. Vocational training is an
education that provides learners with technical skills and hands-on skill in a
particular kind of field. Students are prepared for practical and manual
activities by the vocational training. Expertise in particular crafts, careers,
and trade areas are developed by learners. There are high-end professions that
also have degree programs for specialization such as nursing, accountancy,
engineering, architecture and law among others.
Welding, carpentry, agriculture among others are examples of craft
vocational trades. Secondary or post-secondary level offers vocational
education which is continually joint with a traineeship-like program. This
essay will discuss how William Fuller can benefit from vocational training and
on whether it helps or hurts students.

It is the hope of
every person to graduate and get a job without having to tarmac looking for a
job and this is why most people prefer to have various courses just like
William Fuller starting from high school level where he graduated with a
carpentry certification according to Bidwell. Vocational training helps
students to acquire practical experience and necessary skills and this makes
most employers prefer to employ those persons who have gone through vocational teaching
because they believe they are well prepared. Bidwell uses ethos to show that almost
two-thirds of all jobs will need some sort of training beyond a high school
diploma or a post-secondary education by the year 2020. This is true because those
people who do not undergo vocational training need direction and guidance when

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