unhealthy eating habits and method custom essay

unhealthy eating habits and method


write a 2–3-page paper addressing the sections below of the research proposal.Methodology Extraneous Variables (and plan for how controlled).

Instruments: Description, validity, and reliability estimates, which have been performed (on a pre-established measure). Include plans for testing validity and reliability of generating your own instrument(s).

Description of the Intervention

Data Collection ProceduresPost your assignment to the W7: Assignment 2 Dropbox.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Identifies extraneous variables and plan for how controlled.


Instrument is appropriate to address research question.


Includes description of the selected instrument(s), validity, and reliability estimates.


Description of the Intervention is fully addressed.


Data Collection Procedures are clear and succinct.


Followed APA guidelines for writing style, spelling and grammar, and citation of sources.




This week you will be making more important decisions as you complete the following sections: Extraneous Variables, Instruments, Intervention Description and Data Collection Process. Collecting and analyzing data is the core activity of research.

All of the decisions you have made to this point is so you collect data that is reliable (your tools measures the same variables each time it is used) and valid (you are measuring the variable you say you are measuring). If you make correct decisions about methodology, this should insures a low level of bias/error when you conduct the study (which you will not be doing).What to Include:In the extraneous variable section you need to identify each extraneous variable (variables that might influence your research but are not identified as part of the study) and a plan for controlling each of the variables.

In the instruments section you need to list all of the data collection tools you will use for both demographic variables and research/dependent variables.In the intervention section describe the intervention in detail, however if you are NOT testing an intervention just write one or two sentences saying that your question does not include an intervention so you have no intervention to describe.

In the data collection strategy provide details about how you will collect data from subjects using each of the tools you described previously, be sure to include both pre and post measurements if that is part of the research design you have chosen.

Week 7 DQ about Instruments for Data CollectionSeveral things to keep in mind when choosing an instrument or instruments:It is always easier to use an instrument that was developed and tested for reliability and validity by others who are experts.Instruments are loosely defined as “what you will use to collect data to measure your variables”.

Sometimes the tool is a survey/questionnaire, but it might also be lab tests, physical assessments by health care providers, focus groups, individual interviews and review of documents such as medical records, histories, etc.If you cannot find a tool that is developed and tested you must describe how you will develop a data collection tool (generally a questionnaire/survey), what kind of questions you will include and indicate you will pilot test the tool using people from the population of interest but not subjects for your study.

You want them to use the instrument so they can help you identify any unclear questions and how long it takes to complete the instrument so you can make changes if needed.Whatever instrument/s you choose, you must describe the reliability and validity information for most instruments.

Some form of reliability (for most but not all types of instruments) and validity (for all instruments) must be reported for all types of instruments including lab tests, interview guides. Survey/questionnaires, etc.


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