Parliamentary and presidential systems

  1. To prepare, begin with the material in the textbook. However, even for a short essay, this is not enough. You may google and search for relevant information (stylized facts). You may also peruse Wikipedia for more background information. These three, the textbook, Google, and Wikipedia, are not, however, sources in themselves but resources which point you to the authoritative sources.For this assignment, you have been provided with five sources which you should draw upon. You need to incorporate and cite only one of them.
  2. The selection below will be your introductory paragraph:
  3. Parliamentary and presidential systems are the two dominant forms of democratic government. There has been a raging debate as to which form of government is superior to the other since a seminal article published by Juan J. Linz titled “The Perils of Presidentialism.” In this short essay, I will argue that a ____________ system of democratic government is superior to a______________ system. In the first paragraph, I will briefly outline the main characteristics of both the parliamentary and presidential systems. Then in the next paragraph, I will highlight with supporting institutional facts as to why a _________ system is better than a _______ system. In the conclusion, I will restate the main points of my argument.
  4. Two page (double spaced) bonus point analytical essay debating which is better presidential and parliamentary systems.
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